Essence of Beauty

What is beauty to you? As one wise man said that “Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out”. Cannot but agree with it. That is probably one of the reasons Russian girls are considered to be beautiful: they are not afraid to show who they really are and how they feel in different situations.

What makes Russian ladies cute?

Women are also known to be cute. This phrase is one of the most popular ones it Google search engine which just proves my point. What makes them cute? Well, there are many factors.

  1. Moreover, since beauty is not only about girl’s appearance, her traits of character also contribute a lot into her image. Russian girls are mostly brought up in an environment of patriarchy meaning that she knows the roles given to a man and a woman in relationship, and she respects these roles.
  2. I believe that men consider girls who show respect to them and endorse their credibility cute or even beautiful. Misses should know how to treat a man in order for these men to be the real gentlemen and help their ladies be feminine and gentle. That is when they perform their direct duties and make each other happy.
  3. First of all, Russia being a vast country is very diverse in what concerns the beauty standards. There many beautiful ladies with dark hair and dark eye, numerous cute girls with blonde hair and blue eye, and thousands of women with fair hair and hazel eyes. Such diversity can be a reason why people strongly believe that Russian ladies are pretty: there are girls to fit any taste.
  4. Another reason why foreign men think that women are charming is because Russian girls invest much effort into “being the best version of themselves” in their looks. They will never walk out of their apartment without making sure they look good. They will not wear baggy old jeans around the house, as it steals their femininity.
  5. Ladies also take good care of their body by eating a healthy food. It is a part of Russian culture to be able to cook and not just some easy snacks. Therefore, staying in good shape is easier for them than for other women that only cook half-made bakery and snacks. This makes Russian ladies cute.
  6. In addition, women walk a lot. There is no need to remind them of how healthy it is to walk and exercise. There is no a better option for a Russian girl of how to spend some time with her best friend than to go for a walk in the nearest park. Enough exercise and healthy lifestyle makes girls cute and beautiful.

So, if you still do not believe that Russian ladies truly are cute, check out their pictures online and see it with your own eyes. And remember: cuteness is not just about having a cute face; it is about having a pretty mind and a pretty heart with healthy values in it.

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