Russian girlfriend can give you happiness in marriage, if you know the recipe

Russian girlfriend

What does Russian girlfriend want from a relationship?

There is an opinion that the view of the relationship concept is defined by gender. They say men look at it from one perspective, and women – from another. Well, in a sense, it is true. However, the main reason is that all people have a completely different experience and education. Indeed, girls and boys tend to be brought up differently, but not always. After all, if the problem of conflict was in fact that men and women are in conflict with each other because “female gaze” is different from “male” one, then, following this logic, it might be concluded in same-sex couples the problem of understanding have disappeared completely. However, it is not, according to statistics or friends, if you have any. There are human problems. And yet, as we have already explained above, the specifics of girls’ and boys’ education often are really different, and it puts its mark. But this is not always harmful. We are talking about ladies in Russia, so the examples will be considered in the couples with a Russian bride.

Let us suppose the guy wants to find a Russian wife for marriage and he was brought up as a man planting a tenacity and attention to the so-called fragile female nature in him. What effect will it have? He might be able to show sufficient strength in order to win the girl and create a family with her, while the bride, particularly raised in Russia, will rely more on the man, as it was laid down by the culture of the country. If we take o look at the average family, these differences, which are generally considered to be a bad thing, together can work as clear as a Swiss watch. Do you want to marry a Russian girl? Here is what you need to know. Take the initiative and responsibility, especially in making especially important and difficult decisions, but do not forget your other half, too, should have her own space in which she can feel important. Imagine you take the full responsibility, including cooking dinner and cleaning the house. At first glance, this may seem like help, but in fact she begins to feel replaceable or not unique that brings harm to the family. It is much better if you learn how to cook, and she will know you are always reliable, in case she feels bad, but at the same time, the kitchen is her “area of competence”.

Be attentive to the woman, pay attention to details, reminding her she is beautiful and attractive, however, in order not to lose its value, do it when it is really appropriate. At first glance, this seems obvious, but nonetheless, men are usually either chary of compliments, or make them every day, and she ceases to perceive them. Approach wisely to the relationship and search a reasonable middle ground. Many people favorably divide the world into “black” and “white”, but in reality things are different. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Also, it is important for the majority of women whether you have your future career and personal goals. In order to feel the development of relationships, it is necessary to understand where you are going and which way. Remember it.

How to stop avoiding conflicts and to learn solving them?

Wives from Russia are pretty flexible, if you know how to handle them. Ladies in general are very emotional, but in Russia it is shown well. It is good. Because if you do everything correctly, you can make her so happy she will be your wife and best friend, and your “doctor”, whose duty is to help you at the first “symptoms”. If you feel the situation is heating up, find a rule or some code word, after pronouncing which you arrange to spend some time alone, but not with own thoughts, and being engaged in some activity. It can be listening to some relaxing music, watching a funny movie, going to a store, or even doing some homework. It is important to learn how to avoid sharp corners, and discuss important problems, when your mind prevails over emotions, and your “code agreement” might help with this.

Formula of happiness

Summing up, we can safely say if you are looking for a Russian bride and learn how to treat her carefully, then you must succeed in everything. Be proactive where you have to be proactive. Avoid sharp corners and both show and distribute among you the responsibilities and duties. Be happy!

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