Russian-foreign marriage Five main reasons of failures

Russian-foreign marriage Five main reasons of failures

Potential divorce

You’ve met your love and can`t imagine your life without this person. Everything is wonderful during this period. Candies, flowers, kisses, goodbyes, going to the cinema, etc. Scientists have proved that during this candy-flower period people try to show their best qualities not to miss the man, they appreciate so much. But one day marriage with Russian girl can become a something disgusting. Unfortunately, it happens very often.
We all know that all families are happy alike, but each family is unhappy in its own way. However, studies in psychology indicate 5 key mistakes in marriage with beautiful Russian brides.

Your behavior in everyday life

This abusive words against each other, and lack of attention to the husband (wife), reproaches, various nicknames, gloating tone in conversation, the inability to listen to a partner, talks in a raised voice. All of these things complicate your family relationships.

Lack of communication

After you say “Yes” in Russian marriage agency, you will get a real Russian wife. Quite often there are families where you can only hear “I’m busy, don`t bother me!”. At first, your spouse will genuinely believe that you’re tired, you have no time even to talk. Then he (she) will doubt your words, and will feel offended. And then, of course, begin to look for someone who is not always so busy, who will give her a little bit more attention. And, if such a person is found, then the marriage will break up.

Single parenting

Many women are sure that raising children is strictly up to them. Imagine that a child in a family is guilty of something, and therefore must be punished. At such moments, an angry dad is “eager” to understand what is going on, and mother can “run at” her husband, saying, “Leave me alone, none of your business, go back to work! This is my baby, and we will solve our problems by ourselves”. After these words it would be hard to avoid the conflict between the parents.

Extraneous persons on the territory of your family

All the men in one voice say: “Limit communication with your friends (especially unmarried)” and wives also say that to their husbands and their friends. And it is right. But it’s not just about friends. Family consists of you, your partner, and your children. It is necessary to let environment understand that it is your family and you live by your own laws.

Problems with sex life

No matter how wonderful is your communication in the family, or how household perfect is, you can`t live in a marriage without sex. Therefore, the more often you don`t have the mood, have headache, fight with one another, the more partner will think about other possibilities of obtaining sex. And divorce is already quite close at this point.
Try to save your union. Statistics on divorce is terrible: 8 out of 10 pairs do not exclude the possibility of divorce. Do not ruin what then will be difficult to re-build.

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