Russian fitness woman

Russian fitness woman

Why Russian girls are so beautiful?

Pretty Russian ladies are well known for qualities that differ them from majority of Western women – they are good homemakers, caring mothers and loving wives. But the first thing most men pay attention to is natural beauty of Slavic girls. Women in Russia are extremely attractive and this is not just some kind of a stereotype. Men who visited the country confess to not seeing so many appealing girls in one place.  However, Slavic women also take serious care of their appearances and health to remain beautiful and healthy longer. Nature and genes are good factors but healthy lifestyle is incredibly important to preserve what has been given.

Healthy lifestyle of Russian fitness women

It is a fact that in general Slavic women are very slender and the level of obesity is low in Russia. Some of them are just lucky to be thin, despite the fact that they eat what they want and whenever they want. Other girls take serious care:

⦁ Gym. Most girls attend gym on regular basis to stay fit. They usually buy membership cards not to miss workouts. In recent years the amount of sport clubs has dramatically increased as healthy lifestyle is getting more and more popular. Women give up smoking and start spending a lot of time in a sport gym. Some participate in various competitions or marathons.
⦁ Food. Eating habits are also extremely important, especially for those women, whose goal is to lose weight. Those, who stick to a particular diet or life style, usually boil or stew food.
⦁ Activity. Going to the gym is a good thing but this is not enough for a body to have a good active muscle loading on regular basis. Many girls like to go jogging in the morning or spend weekends outside the city. If you are considering what to do for a first date with your match, organize a small picnic somewhere in a park. Your lady will definitely like that.
⦁ Sun protection. Sea and sun are the best natural tools for treating various diseases. However, too much sun can cause a sun burn which is extremely dangerous for skin. Even though most girls love to be tanned, they use various crèmes to protect skin for sun and sun burn. Moreover, too much sunlight becomes the reason of accelerated skin ageing process.
Russian ladies know that they need to take a decent care of their beauty to stay beautiful and young longer. If you feel that there is a space for improvement in your lifestyle, start working today to get attention of a pretty lady.

Russian fitness women – the secret of a healthy lifestyle
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Russian fitness women – the secret of a healthy lifestyle
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