Russian dating: is age difference important for Russian Women?

Is the Age Gap Important for Russian women?

In our hectic and dynamic world time passes very fast and no doubt that many people, no matter how old they are, feel themselves lonely. The problem concerns us all, especially women. It’s not a secret that any Russian woman wants to meet a man who will love and care about her till the rest of her life.

The question is: is the age gap important for Russian women? It has been well said that the friendship and understanding concepts of age and time do not operate. It doesn’t depend on the age and the feeling of love. However, in the latter case, it often becomes a stumbling block. More precisely, the age difference.
How age difference influences marriage of Russian women?

On the one hand, one could argue that adults can decide what they need and what they want, on the other hand, there is a possible of cross opposition, including the experience of generations, and traditions, and social convention. But it would not have addressed this issue and how much was not discussed, the decision will still be accepted within a pair.

Some young Russian women are looking for marriage and choose the older man, because he sees it as protection. A man relates his life with the young girl because he likes her adoration, admiration, and obedience. A smart, well-educated and accomplished woman takes grooming very young guy, realizing previously unclaimed maternal instinct. A young man, dating with Russian women, seeks maternal warmth and affection in the hands of much more experienced mistress. And where is love?

In all four situations it was about a relationship that was nothing about love and only about the instincts, self-affirmation, the desire to get some advantages…But such unions are, they exist, and not always disintegrate.

Is it needless to explain the persistence of unequal age marriage by material interest? In many cases it is not. Is it psychological problems? Also unlikely.

Does love depend on age?

It turns out that the correct and lasting relationship can be built only on the basis of love, mutual respect, friendship, understanding and cooperation. But if we are talking about friendship, which is supplemented and enriched by love, it has long been known that age has nothing to do with. Because neither friendship nor love does not depend on age, in contrast to many other considerations and relations, which also have a right to life, but which have no relation to love.

Age… Sometimes it is perceived as wealth, but sometimes it becomes an insurmountable obstacle to achieve some goals in life…

Age and relation can exist together

As for the age and relationships between people, it happens very often that it is not important how old you are, it is necessary to have the ability to communicate, friendliness, willingness to help, respect for others. They are very important and very difficult question.

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