Russian brides from Moscow

Reasons of rising popularity of Russian brides from Moscow

The primary reason why foreigners are looking for brides in Russia – is that they want to find a young woman who will love and appreciate him. More often, the next step, in this case, is marriage. This could seem to be naive, but men want to be loved and desired.

Just a presence of such woman in his life is valuable for man – it does not matter is she “housewifely”.


In any case, household responsibilities are divided between the spouses: childcare, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping – everyone contributes. There is no any husband among foreigners who is always lying on the couch and watching TV, while his Slavic wife is cleaning the house. Even if a woman does not work, and the man is busy all the day at the office, he will assist his wife when arriving at home.

Do not forget that foreign men are living alone for many years, so they are able to exist independently, to maintain the house all alone, to cook, to fill the fridge with dishes. The cost of daily maid service would cost him much cheaper than the keeping of his wife, so the theory that men get married, to have “free” servants – is totally unfounded.


If a man wants to have children in addition to the beauty and youth of his partner, and he is already over 40, it is difficult to find somebody 5-10 years younger. The only way to do is to seek a bride abroad because for our girls an ability of man to provide wellbeing for his family is more important than age. Local ladies rarely have relationships with men who are much older.

Not all foreign grooms want to have children. Some of them want to enjoy life with a partner, to travel and to have a rest but not to change diapers and send off children to schools within the next 18 years.


In post-Soviet countries, the demography of the men is favorable for them. There are 86 men per 100 women in Russia. The situation in the Europe and USA can be considered as vise-versa. And what they get in result? Ladies are filtering men for the post of the future father of her children more carefully, and it is difficult to find a girl for young people.


In general, the reason why western men are resolved to seek Russian brides in Moscow is the same with why our girls are starting to communicate with foreign suitors: it is supply and demand balance. Man wants to find certain traits in a partner which he cannot find in potential wives at home, so he starts to look for somebody on the dating field.

The usual western man is attractive for our girls: more often he has a house, a car, a stable job with a salary of a few thousand dollars per month, a desire to create a family. Such men are rarely alone in Russia – it is not hard to find a bride or a girlfriend here with such options.

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