Russian brides foreign view

Russian brides: foreign view

Everyone wants to find your soul mate, even at the other end of the earth.

Having lived most of his life in America, I’ve seen active, independent and independent women. They are not interested in a family indifferent to family values, they seek to make a career and build a life without men. But what can we do? Me personally? I want to get married, have three children, being a father, the head of the family. I try to tell that to my ex-girlfriend, she would have laughed me laugh. At the very least. Think I’m not the only one. Remember how many times, astonished at the disgusting behavior of some women, you took an oath that I will not any more in a night club? How often, returning from a date, you said yourself that she is not your man, jealous and too selfish? Or, how often have you seen the wreck of the relationship, only after an innocent question: what’s wrong?

Of course, you are not alone in their thinking. Look through magazines, read blogs. The General view goes something like this: most women are selfish, materialist and focused solely on themselves and their desires.

And it’s awful, but ask anyone who has ever travelled far beyond the home and visited South America, Asia, Europe, the middle East: what do they think about it? Ambition, drive, energy, style, sexy — no doubt, all these qualities have American women. But, my dear countrywomen, sophisticated man has something to surprise you. You foolishly spend time in night clubs and restaurants, gossip about the rich man, jealous of those who succeed you. However, on this planet there are countries where women are amazingly loyal, fun, caring, passionate and… This cannot be, you say? But they are beautiful as goddesses.

“Attractive American are spoiled and accustomed to constant enthusiastic compliments, she needs to say she is the best. She is confident that the ordinary man it is simply unworthy. In Russia, however, most of the female stars in the sky are not enough, and they are not selfish,” said my friend Tom, owner of marriage Agency.

Not selfish? Some tend to consider this as a feature of the floor, not region of residence. My friend, this cynicism is not surprising. “The fact is that in Russia the number of women exceeds number of men. Time magazine in one of their recent releases have brought the average duration of life among female and male population, in Russia this difference is maximum, in men the life expectancy is only 56 years, while women— 70”.Russian brides foreign view

To the question about the predominant stereotype we have that many Russian women trying to leave their country, said that the most important reasons why women do use the services of his Agency, is “a natural desire for women to live in normal conditions. Russia is a complicated country, there are fewer possibilities. Only one of the four potential brides pay, including, and your ticket to America”.

Hear a cynical “why”. Or this: “They escaped from the crowd!” The friend smiles again, once again hearing such arguments. “I myself have been to Russia ten times, I know personally of many who enjoyed the services of our Agency. We have never been any incidents of a criminal nature”.

Claims that did That would be unlikely if we were talking about Singapore, but Russia? The Creator of the marriage Agency explains: “In Russia there are indeed criminal elements, that is why we are reluctant to go to Moscow or Saint Petersburg. We would love to visit other major cities that are safe from crime”.

But what is absolutely safe. Heaven? “We have offices in Siberia and the Ukraine, women from these regions take part in our business, and we screen out girls that are just sending pictures. The candidate must come to the office and meet the staff.”

He continues: “statistically, more American wives who kill their husbands. But, when it comes to filming the next series of “Law and order”, we suddenly remember about Russian brides, pursuing the Americans.”

Many people think that the Agency is looking for 18-year-old girls to 65-year-old elders. “Our services are mostly perfectly ordinary men, with higher education, they have a good job, but you know, 30, 35, or 45 years is not easy to find a woman for creating a family,” says my friend.

No dark stories, in addition to the history of the Agency.

It opened six years ago, but, unlike many of its competitors, did not work with men after 50, and especially not organized for them a trip on a closed evening in Russia, where they could at a time to make contacts with Russian women. Few people know, what are these nights, when in the same room going about a hundred beauties, one better than the other, and the crazed foreigners speechless, from such diversity.

“And what is most unacceptable, almost all such tours cost from $3,000 to 5,000 for the trip. That will not do,” says Tom. What in this case?

At the beginning of this business women filmed on videotape and the tapes and sold to customers. Tom stressed that his goal was never to earn money on questionable trips or anything like that, although they “do help our clients with tickets and hotels”.

Men participating in events to pay for services in the amount of approximately $30. They have the opportunity to see in our database the materials for three thousand Russians and, if desired, to communicate with them. As soon as they begin to exchange letters, members can plan trips at their convenience, individually or in small group. This process usually takes from six to twelve months from the date of their joining the club.Russian brides foreign view

Depending on the time of year the price of flights varies from $ 1000 to 2000, and although the representatives of our company and support their customers in choosing hotels, we do not charge a fee for such services. “In Russia we recommend you the apartments where you can comfortably live for $ 150 a day.”

The real work begins when the man finds his party. The chosen one must visit the American Embassy and complete the full test. It undergoes a two-day medical examination, which should reveal, not whether the suffering bride of sexually transmitted diseases or tuberculosis. Of course, I’m happy for the Americans: I wish you happiness and proud that they (oddly) are in such demand. But I was tormented by one question: what do Russian men think about funneling Russian beauty? Indeed, in the hands of foreigners fall is very beautiful, smart and very single women. Is it not a pity? I talked with one Russian guy, he’s not married, and, oddly enough, cannot find a bride. “Russian women are too demanding and selfish,” he says. “Perhaps I shall marry a Thai or Japanese, they are more modest and are happy to obey the man”, are the words of Russian men. Who would have thought? It seems that throughout the world men have exactly the same claim for women. I wonder who wants to marry a Japanese man? He probably dreams about the Chukchi, the silent woman of the North, for which hot water is the best gift. She’s not diamonds, but Japanese women too independent. Now I see why the Agency my friend so developing men world fleeing compatriots, trying to find my half in another country. Tom proudly declares that during the six years of their operation almost six hundred couples got married. Well, isn’t it? But if he believed in such services itself? “Of course, how else! Three years ago I married a beautiful, young, smart girl. She’s younger than me by twenty years, and was found in Ukraine.” By the way, that almost sixty. Bitterly, though!

During that fight.

But the story of my friend who decided to ignore wonderful opportunities for agencies and tried to find a Russian bride through an online Dating site. In the end, he fell into the category of foreigners, who are enchanted with stories about the beauty and uniqueness of Russian women and using the Internet looking for a wife from this mysterious country, and as a result parted with large sums of money.

My friend for hours in sweat pounded on the keys and pains to a new virtual friend, in response to receiving from her constant compliments: “you are so much fun” and “You’re so cute”. In his letters virtual bride between the matter complained good master on a difficult and hopeless life in the Russian snows, among the bears and drunken men and shared their secret dreams about the house and the children. At a certain point, followed by a veiled request for money to move to future husband and as a “rollback” to the evil and greedy parents who do not want to just release a dove for permanent residence abroad, as well as on the financial aid waiting… were unaware of the foreign gentleman that hangs out with him is not Russian beauty Natasha, and a student of the railway College.




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