Russian Brides and Russian Women: Separating the Fact from Fiction

Russian Brides and Russian Women: Separating the Fact from Fiction

Russian Females and Stereotypes

Just think the words “Russian brides” and it conjures up the connotation of something insidious when it really should not. At one time, women from Russia had to notify Western men of their interest in dating and possible marriage through a catalog in order to find and meet real men interested in the same relationship: And this was the birth of the mail order bride stereotype.

Surprisingly, this stereotype still exists today despite the fact that access to online communication methods has made it possible for people from all over the globe to communicate with greater ease than ever imagined possible. Of course, the stereotype of “mail order bride” or “gold digger” are only two of the erroneous misconceptions the public has in relation to brides from Russia seeking to marry Western men. Below you will examine some of the most common myths and misconceptions still in existence today. To summarize some of the myths here:

  1. Russian females seeking Westerners have an insidious underlying motive.
  2. Russian females are “gold diggers” or “women of opportunity.”
  3. All Russian women want to marry and have children.

The most common stereotype associated with a Russian female who is interested in being a bride of a Westerner is that of “gold digger” or “a woman of opportunity” who is looking to get a visa or some other benefit. The latter stereotype is often linked to the seedy images and negative connotations associated with the concept of “mail order brides.” However, modern Russian females should not be confused with such images.Beautiful females from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other Russian cities are well-educated women, many of whom make use of the Internet to connect with individuals to date, just like other people from around the world. The World Wide Web and the ability to chat, email, and connect through myriad means makes it easier than ever before to meet new people. Thus, it only makes sense that Russian females would demonstrate an interest in people from across the globe because the Internet has, in a sense, made the world a smaller place.

Additional Myths and Misconceptions about Lady Singles from Russia

It is important to understand that Russian females are just like any female from another country of origin in the fact that every pretty Russian lady is different. Each has their likes, preferences, and distinct personalities as is evidenced by their presentation, poise, stance, emotions, thoughts, deeds, and via communications and social interactions with others. It is impossible to generalize all Russian women just as it is to be impossible to generalize a group of women from Africa, Europe, or America. That being the case, to suggest that all Russian ladies want to marry Westerners to have a family would be a screamingly inaccurate. It is far better to suggest that some females enter into a relationship with a Westerner with the interest of marriage and children. Others may only be interested in marriage, and with a population ratio of 88:100 men to women in Russia today, it causes women from Russian cities to look for men outside the boundaries of their native country of origin.

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