russian beauty standarts

Russian beauty standards

Have you ever met a Slavic woman? You can find them in almost any part of the world. Ask why? Because they are naturally very beautiful, caring and ready for changes. Moreover, they’re absolutely different from the other women in the world. We’re sure that you’ll need only one glance to find your princess.

Most Slavic girls charm men from the first sight. What is it, Slavic beauty? Some secret magic that makes men lose heads dropping to their feet? Nobody denies the fact that they look adorable, but there is that special manner of their behavior that intrigues and captures the hearts and minds. Here we will talk about the Russian beauty standards and how women from Russia manage to be applauded all around the world. Why does it happen?

Scientists point out that one of the most difficult intercultural barriers is different norms. Here’s why we can give marks to every nation describing their appearance in two-three words.

For instance, Swiss girls are tall, slim, blonde and pale. Brazilian ladies look curvy and tanned. Each country and nation has own ideal look of female body and face. Every man to his own taste, but we strongly believe that Russian beauty standards are highly appreciated by everyone.

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What are the Russian standards of beauty?

As we talk about the multinational country, there is no single rule. The appearance of women varies due to the region, thus the beauty standards are different. Eastern girls are mostly middle height brunettes with hazel eyes. Women from north-European part of Russia are sporty, hardworking and striving to a conservative ideal, they’ve got blue eyes, bright hair, delicate features and slim figures. In the South you’ll find tiny, graceful women with tanned skin, long beautiful black hair and splendid lips.

 There are two main tendencies that matter here:

  1. European lifestyle. This trend has brought new image: healthy diet and regular workouts at the gym, girls are also interested in various kinds of sports in order to keep their bodies fit. It has become a mainstream already. Without doubt such habits are very useful and deserve special attention.
  2. National traditions. For years curvy ladies have been considered to be an ideal of beauty in Russian Federation. Don’t think they are over-weight, they look very delicious! Such women prefer a healthy look, round forms, big breasts – everything that makes a man sure in a woman’s ability as a woman and a mother for their future children.

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

“Modesty and luxury are two sisters”, – said Coco Chanel. Russian girls are tend to make manicure, go to hairdresser, work-out several times a week, buy trendy clothes and high-quality cosmetics – and that’s not the whole list. But you’ll never find out about it, because it’s not for everyone to know. You just see the final result of all their efforts.

Except for all these things, they manage to get an education, build wonderful careers and get interesting hobbies.

Russian women are also considered to be the best wives. They keep houses clean and cozy, manage to cook like real chefs and raise kids in the atmosphere of love and care.

How to find beautiful Russian woman for dating?

If you are tired of being single – date with a beautiful Russian bride. There are a lot of women who are just disappointed in their local men, so they try luck looking for worthy partners abroad. Their aim is a stable long-lasting relationship with somebody who can understand and protect them.

Every woman has her own unique character, but most Russian females are friendly, self-assured, always ready to listen and hold a conversation. Dive in an ocean of love, care and understanding with one of the Russian brides. Relationships with them often end up with weddings.

If you don’t know where to find one – use a dating service. Create your account and start chatting with any girl you like there. The Internet connects people no matter how far they are from each other.


How to date a Russian woman for marriage?

The wedding is a responsible step for everyone. So you must be sure that you’ve found your soul mate and are ready to start a family. Marriage with beautiful Russian women guarantees success in most cases.

Dating agencies were specially created to reach such goals. You are only some steps away from finding your love, just address online dating agency and give them detailed information about you and your potential fiancé. You will be offered a few options that meet your tastes and demands.

There are millions of stories from all over the globe where after years of loneliness men found their happiness in marriage with gorgeous ladies from Russia. Are you still thinking?

Russian beauty standards
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Russian beauty standards
As we talk about the multinational country, there is no single rule. Type of Russian beauties varies depending on the region.

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