It is not a secret that different countries have various beauty standards. However, sometimes this difference is too extreme. In India, the fatter is a girl – the richer her husband will be. Africans promote wide hips; fat legs are in favor in Turkey.

Thus, men trying to build international couples face certain things they are not ready for. The biggest contrast is Russian beauty standards vs. Western ones. We do not say lasses in Russia are ugly or freaky. They are stunning and super pretty. But the way they dress, put their makeup on, tack up hair might differ much from what we see here. We meet dozens of lasses daily going barefaced to local bakeries with flirty ponytails on their heads. They feel comfortable in their track pants and stretched sweaters. Things go different in Russia where lasses take out preppy clothes every time they leave their rooms. Grey hair? They die it immediately. They use the best cosmetics to prevent aging and hide other problems. These ladies are ashamed of being not perfect ideals. This is why they do everything to improve their appearance.

                What are the ideals of the Russian beauty?

When it comes to pretty faces, there is no unique standard in Russia. They might have blue, green or hazel eyes and they still considered to be pretty. Full lips are in favor. Maybe we all should thank one famous Hollywood diva for that.

Girls with thin lips never lack male attention as well. Sometimes they might use popular makeup trends to make their lips seem fuller. It never spoils their faces and seem natural on them.

Some guys love tiny noses, the others love big. It does not matter in terms of ideals. The only thing is – it should fit girl’s face. Russian women grace ideals does not depend on it at all.

Long hair is in trend. They wear tresses or creative hairstyles. Braids look stylish and attractive too. Curly or straight – it makes girl look seductive. Blondes, brunettes, redheads – ladies color their hair even in more extreme colors. But natural grace ideals are everlasting.

If we talk about bodies, Russian beauty ideals differ here as well. Influenced buy latest western tendencies, girls work out hard and stick to healthy low carb diets.

I fact, curvy shape is beauty ideal of girls in Russia. it does not mean they look flabby or have shaggy skin. They are still fit.

                Why Russian women are the most beautiful females in the world?

Good natural looks are not enough to seem beautiful. It is all about style and choosing outfits that look good with certain body type. Those most beautiful Russian women know how to do it right.

They love wearing cute fancy dresses. No deep cleavages or too tight outfits. Nice shoes: heels, flats, or platforms. It all depends on the occasion.

Of course, it is not only about their appearance. Most of the prettiest Russian brides have amazing inner world. They are good mannered and kind. These women are smart and often get good education. Impressive career in any branch is a must-have for them.

They make good specialists at any sphere. Want to marry one of the most attractive Russian girls? Stop hesitating – they make wonderful wives and girlfriends.

                Five secrets of Russian beauty

People all over the world are trying to unveil Russian beauty secrets. What is their hidden power that makes men lose heads over Slavic dolls. There a crowds of pretty charming ladies in any country. but millions of men all over the globe keep looking for women from Russia. After short research five main factors responsible for this phenomenon were unveiled:

  1. Natural resources. Due to the fact that larger part of their country is located closer to the North, they believe it prevents early aging making skin look fresh and smooth longer.
  2. Food here is mostly organic. This is good for healthy hair, nails, and other organs.
  3. Inborn fashion taste. Being kids, they already know, how to match closes or what can make them look vulgar or unattractive.
  4. Natural charm. This is that feature which makes men turn heads. Secret energy that makes them look dazzling for any guy.
  5. Good genes. Russia is multinational country of many ideals. Scientists are sure that such mixture of different nations guarantees unbelievably pretty new generations.