Rules of Etiquette for Talking to Ukrainian ladies on a Social Network Website

Terms of Use of Internet for dating. Tips for beginners

Internet is a vast ocean, full of different fish. Here you can meet anyone from any part of the world – trough Internet people find job, friends, and even their soul mates.

If you decide to date with Ukrainian ladies online, you will have more chances to find someone suitable. To start, make a list of qualities that should have a suitable “applicant”. Note in the list, what would be the most important things for you, and what you won’t pay attention to. Also, consider what people you don’t want to see among others at all.

If you decide to write to beautiful Ukrainian ladies by yourself – don’t make your message impersonal. Tell them why you paid attention to their profile, what you liked about it. During dating with single Ukrainian ladies it is better not to make too long and appoint meeting offline not to let affair become virtual.

Why is it important?

In the correspondence online person will not mumble and use profanity. A single call can quickly explain everything. Maybe it won’t go to the real meeting. And it will be for the best.

Moving from the virtual relationship to reality is a delicate thing. Every detail is important – what to wear, how to behave, where to meet, what to say and what to keep silent.

While walking through the city, one will bring you to the nightclub, and other would find it difficult to choose and accept your choice.

Meeting in Internet is neither easier nor harder than in real life

Take into consideration that meeting in the subway is not serious (no place to sit down, noisily, to know each other it is better to avoid crowds). The street is quite appropriate, if the weather is good. But it is better to meet in a nightclub, a restaurant or a cafe. It is possible to go to the cinema too.

Clothes should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also it should match the location where you are going. The impression of a person is created within the first 15 seconds. Be calm, smile, behave quite freely and naturally.

The purpose of the first meeting is to open up the personality. Ask her questions, actively listen to the answers, agree, and find a topic that is interesting to her. Don’t mention illnesses, problems at work, don’t argue on religious subjects.

Any relations require work. Discussions and correspondence also require effort and commitment. Network is a part of our culture. It is place not only for losers with complexes, as we used to think. It is full of decent people, smart, interesting, but lonely because of the crazy business.

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