Refrain from Saying These Things to Russian Women

When you are dating Russian women or searching for that special someone among all of the hopeful Russian brides, there are just some things you are better off keeping to yourself.  There are certain things a Westerner might say, and without any ill intent, that will end up insulting a Russian lady.  Next thing you know there are hurt feelings and no one wants that to happen.  When you get online to meet and find that special someone who might be your future bride, the last thing you want to do is hurt her feelings.  The online dating and marriage game can be real tricky, but here are some hints to keep you out of hot water with beautiful Russian females.

First, never compare the Russian lady single to your mother.  Even if you mean it in a good way, she might take this the wrong way.  At the same time, she does not like being compared to other females, especially those who are older than she actually is – so don’t do it!  The comparison to your mother suggests that you don’t care for her doting and nurturing nature or that you find she is crowding your space.  The comparison to older females is an insult to her pretty looks.

Don’t Speak of This with Russian Brides

 Don’t every tell a Russian girl her friends are a bad influence or that you dislike the friends she has chosen. You can pretty much bet the female you have chosen has plenty of friends since Russian females are quite social.  Make sure you treat all her friends with considerable respect, even if you don’t really care to much for them.  Remember, Russian women are nurturers by nature and this means they are protective of both friends and family.  Bear in mind that if you have a significant problem with one of her friends, you will need to tell her about it, but you will also do well to maintain a good reason and all the diplomacy you can muster.

Another thing you should never utter around your Russian female is that you are too busy to make time for her.  A female from Russia is one that likes to tend to the home and family, but she expects attention from her man.  If time is tight once in a while that’s understandable, but it won’t be long that the words “I don’t have the time” will come back and haunt the Western male.

Finally, don’t approach a new female you have just met online and ask her if she is a scammer.  There’s nothing more insulting to hear.  You need to go into the relationship trusting, and you can do this by making sure you sign up at reputable website before you go scouring through lady single postings.

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