Reasons why men should marry Russian girls

In search of a dream

In search of their destiny, a lot of people are ready to go to the most distant cities and countries. There are no limits for humans striving for the realization of their dream, and that is why there are no barriers and impossibilities for the person who loves and is willing to follow their purpose. Many European men, dreaming of their happiness, say with confidence “why not marry a Russian woman?”. It often happens that people have many things in common, they were born in the same country and speak the same language, but don’t understand each other, and when another two people meet each other and there is an affinity of souls, it’s not necessary to know the language, because they understand each other without words. There are no barriers for lovers, so often looking at photos of beautiful East-European girls, Europeans wonder: should I marry this woman?

Why exactly these woman?

I have met lots of men in Germany, France, England and other countries, who said with confidence: «I want to marry a Russian woman! ». When I asked why, they began to explain that they were tired of the fact that women in their country preferred to build a career, and they didn’t care that they had a family and a husband. All the men said that they wanted to see hostess of the house, who is waiting for them from work and prepares them dinner, it’s so simple, but it turns out being so difficult. Thus, they want to marry Russian girls to feel loved and to have a full family. What does marry Russian women mean? Every man understands it in his own way, but apart from lady’s beauty, all of them want warmth and comfort.

I have one friend who was looking exactly for a bride from Russia for a long time, and when I have recently met him, he happily informed me “I married a Russian woman!”. He was really happy and said that he had no idea how he would be satisfied taking this step, because not everyone dares marrying Russian women. Many people are worried that they’ll be deceived or that a lady from this country will be a burden to him and won’t want to work. Also, the lack of language knowledge sometimes plays an important role when deciding marrying Russian woman. But looking at my friend, I realize that exactly these women will be able to make every man happy, and all of these factors cannot be a reason to refuse a marriage with these beauties.

Why does this lady need a marriage?

Why Russian women marry men from Europe has always been clear for me. Knowing the conditions in which they have to live in their own country, it’s not surprising. Their men have long ceased to take care of themselves and it’s almost impossible for Russian woman to marry a good man. That is why these women are looking for husband in distant countries hoping to find happiness. They are beautiful, caring and can make any man happy. I saw real happiness in my friend’s eyes. It explains again why you should marry a Russian woman.

Love exists, it may be far away, but we must fight for it. Soul mates may be thousands of kilometers away, but it doesn’t prevent them to find each other!

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