Ratio of men to women in Russia

Ratio of men to women in Russia

Most people say that women in Russia are more affordable than in other countries because a ratio of women to men in Russia is considerably high. Most people prove that by stating that most men die during wars and massacres, occurring in this country sometimes. But do you prefer knowing the truth to rumors? Do you want to know, which the real situation with the Russian woman to man ratio is to decide whether to marry Russian woman or not? Well, you are in the right place and we will tell the exact truth about the demographic situation in Russia.

The current state of woman to man ratio in Russia

If you attend international websites and look at the statistics, you may see that Man to woman ratio in Russia in the childhood differs from its state in the years of adolescence and adulthood. 2009 survey shows that this ratio equals 1,06 when we are talking about new-born children. When we are talking about this ratio estimated for people aged from 15 to 64 years, we can see a huge difference, ratio of men to women in Russia decreases to 0,925. The main reasons of this occasion are that most young men die young in battles and because of intrinsic difficulties they face feeding their families and working for companies with low salary levels. This means that more than 5% of women in the country may die unmarried because they simply lack someone who would marry them.
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Where to find and date Russian brides

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