In the course of a human lifetime, everyone goes through several important stages: finishing school, entering university, finding your first job, going on the first date, starting a relationship, etc. And once we are sure we have met a perfect guy or a girl, we are ready to settle down and move to the next stage: marriage.

Marriage is one of the most important events in life for the majority of people, both men and women. Although there are thousands getting married every day, there are still a lot of single ones. They are ready to start a family, but it is a challenge to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right. It is impossible to have everything balanced. With a successful career, you will not have time for your personal life. So, people tend to use alternative sources in order to find the love of their life like online dating agencies. There are numerous websites like ours that aim at helping people find their perfect match.

As statistics shows, more and more people prefer dating a woman or a man from abroad. Mainly, the interest lies in Russians, and it is not just a coincidence.

Russian women are riddles to decipher for Western mindset.

Men from the USA and Europe cannot but fall for Russian brides, as they cannot resist their enigmatic nature.

Talking about women, they are rather family then career oriented. Most of them happen to be excellent housewives and carrying mothers. A bride from Russia knows how to take care of her husband and children, cooking something delicious for dinner and keeping the house clean. Except for this, they are very smart. You will always find something to talk about, whether it is history, literature or science.

A great deal of girls speaks English fluently, so you will not have a hard time in understanding each other. What is more, they have an excellent sense of humor. So you will not get bored with these witty and funny ladies.

It is interesting to note that not only men tend to use the services of dating agencies. A number of women seeking for a foreign husband increases every single year. There are several reasons for this tendency to happen:

  1. More and more Western women have successful careers;
  2. Usually men are afraid of women’s success, they feel uncomfortable when woman earns more or has better perspectives;
  3. Although Western women care for their career, most of them still dream about getting married and having children.

In cases like this, Russian men happen to be the best for role of the husband. Well, there are a lot of stereotypes about men from Russia going around the Internet. But those myths cannot be attributed to all of them.

You can find numerous websites that state the things like “Russian men have drinking problems”, “Russians are rude”, etc. Well, these individuals may be found in every country, whether it is Russia, the USA or Australia. This does not depend on nationality or culture; it is an individual thing. Nowadays, Russian men are said to be very good husbands, carrying and loving. This is what every successful woman needs. During the course of life, every one faces the difficulties and problems to deal with and eventually overcome. In situations like this, we look for a shoulder to rely on, a wall to lean on and not to fall. As it turns out, men from Russia happen to be of this supportive and strong kind. They will never let their beloved ones down and will do everything to make their wives happy.

It can be seen that a large number of men from Western Europe and America tend to reveal their “feminine” side. They are willing to take care of children and do not mind finding themselves in the role of househusbands, while women run the financial part of the family. A lot of women accept this, and they like to be “the head of family”. But those who do not, prefer to marry a foreigner. Usually, they pick men from Russia.

The Russian husband has conservative views about family and marriage. You can find not only a good family man, who obeys tradition and cherishes his wife and children, but also a great friend, who can help you with a little piece of advice as well as make you laugh. Most of them are well educated and have good manners. Most women cannot resist their charm and witty intelligence. We cannot but mention that Russians are very responsible, especially when it comes to family matters and children. And they are great fathers, who just love to spend time with kids and wives.

You will agree that there are no perfect men and women. Everyone has tiny flaws, which someone finds difficult to keep up with, while others consider them to be just perfect. Being a good intelligent person, you deserve to be with someone special and kind. And in case you need a little help, contact our agency and we will do our best to fulfill your dreams.