Everyone wants their life to be beautiful, smart, sweetheart and faithful. All these merits are peculiar to Russian women. Also, all of them really long for marrying foreigner and leave Russia. First of all, Russian women put value on capability to provide living of their family. Also every Russian girl wants her husband to be a real man. They feel lack of romantic men in Russia because of difficult conditions of living in this country, where man has to be really strong to guarantee normal living for his family. That’s why Russianbride wishes a bit of romance.


The overwhelming majority of Russian brides are in the good shape. Most of them work a lot and nowadays that means sitting at the workplace and having no physical activities all the day long. And that is the first reason why most of clients of Russian gyms are women. Moreover, Russian women start their career and build their relationships early, they try to keep her body in a good shape to have more chances to find a husband in future. Living in Russian village is connected with physical work and eating healthy food, grown by one’s own forces. Also, women sports are developed very much in Russia, especially at schools and universities. That’s why most of young Russian women are so beautiful. So if you want your woman to look great – Russian bride is the best choice.


Most of women in Eastern Europe and Russia are great cooks. Average pay in Russia for women is 18718 Russian rubles per month (283$ per month or nearly 1.5$ per hour). So they can’t afford themselves eating in restaurants. Also, one of the main reasons is that cooking for Russian women is important process since childhood. It’s usual practice in Russia when both parents are at work andwoman is too tired to cook. And that is why the only way is to accustom a child to cooking and doing housework while parents are at work. That is why Russian girls start to cook at the age of 11 – 14 years and cook so good when they grow up. And that is necessary to say about Russian cuisine. Have you ever tasted it? If you didn’t you should. Because there is no use in talking about it. When you taste it you’ll understand everything. Every dish has thousands of variations and every variation has its own charm. Almost all Russian girls cook Russian dishes incredibly good. So if you choose Russian bride you can be sure that your morning will start with a good breakfast and after a difficult day there always will be a wonderful supper waiting for you. And it will be really delicious and healthy dish rather than semi-finished food.

To sum up, if you want your woman to be smart, beautiful, in a good shape and faithful you should marry Russian bride. And One Perfect Bride Agency is the best dating service to do it easily and fast.

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