Olga Katysheva

Photo-model Olga Katysheva has won hearts of already one million admirers in social networks. It’s not surprising: cheerful and charming, she does not look like a dozen “glamorous lionesses”, showing off expensive gadgets and a love of luxury.

Olga is 28 years old, she was born on March 20, 1990 in Yekaterinburg. This beautiful Urals city became her only love: the girl likes to repeat that, despite the popularity, she will never exchange it for any Europe.

Childhood of the main beauty of the Ural capital was quite ordinary: a simple family, friends, girlfriends, schooling. Studying, by the way, the girl diligently, than pleased parents. However, sometimes all the same I ran away from the lessons. But the teachers spoke of her well.


In her youth, Olga Katysheva’s main passion was gymnastics. She herself admits that she managed to “run a little”, so she looks at the old photos of a full-grown teenager with a laugh.

A sharp turn
Olga’s life abruptly changed after graduation from the university. More precisely, after the girl decided to have an account in Instagram. It was five years ago. In 2013, Olga Katysheva turned into Olga Chocolate. After the photo with a stunning stretching and the most complicated twine (helped gymnastics) the popularity of the girl’s instagram began to grow exponentially.

To conquer the peaks of social networks Olga helped her close friend – a professional photographer. Her profile on the page played in new colors: the original staged photos literally transformed the “girl living on the web”.

Gradually, Chocolate was noticed. Of course, it is impossible to call this a professional career of the model, but Olga has already received many interesting commercial proposals: on her page she advertises products for a healthy lifestyle and a line of designer clothes collection. At the same time, Ekaterinburg does not consider herself a star: this is evident because she communicates with subscribers.

Moment of glory. Participation in “Miss MAXIM”

In 2013, Olga noticed a popular men’s magazine MAXIM and invited her to participate in the contest for the title of the main beauty according to the edition. For the right to become “Miss MAXIM”, four contenders immediately competed. Only then did Olga admit that she did not count on winning at all. Yes, this is not the main thing: after all, if people vote for you, then you have already won. Then Olga Katysheva managed to enter the hundred most beautiful girls according to the magazine’s version.

The personal life of Olga Chocolate is a mystery behind seven seals. She herself has repeatedly said that she hates “the company in dirty underwear”, even if a person becomes popular. And if at the dawn of instablogerstva still there were photos of the young man, now the girl does not exhibit relations for show. Fans can only guess.

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