Nice Russian girls and why they are so attractive

Nice Russian girls and why they are so attractive

Mysterious and unknown

Russia is an extraordinary country. Many things have been said about its peculiarities and people who live there. Since childhood there were notions that exactly there are stern men who were not afraid of difficulties, the northern ice and frost lived. And women there are extremely beautiful and gentle. They are faithfully waiting for their husbands, they are nice and raise children in the right way. This is the impression I always had, when I heard about Russia. I really wanted to get to know this country better. Especially I wanted to get acquainted with nice Russian girls.

Alluring uncertainty

So, becoming a man, I decided to visit this country. Arriving in Russia, I explored a lot of places, I wouldn’t describe all of them, but here’s the most important thing I would like to say – I understood why all European men were so passionate about Russian women. Such beauties I haven’t seen in any other country, but I visited a lot of them.

I understood why my friends wanted to marry Russian women just when I have visited several families and talked with them. I’ve seen how they treat their husbands, how they respect them and care for them. Our ladies are not like that. For them, the main thing is career, they have no time for families, it’s sad but true.

But I realized why Russian women didn’t want marrying Russian men and began to look for foreign grooms. I have seen many drinking men, insulting their women; I’ve seen how women had a harder time because they were doing everything on their own. Somehow, Russian men don’t like to work and don’t want to take care of their women. I was surprised and disappointed that our men cannot find such women, and Russian women have to seek their fortune far from home.

What we need to understand

All I’ve seen can be regarded both sad and vice versa. After all, if there are women in Russia who are so desirable by European men, it’s necessary to throw distance, language difficulties, fear, and just try to create your family with a person who is the best for you. Meet, communicate, love, and most importantly don’t be afraid to take risks!

Nobody says that we should drop everything and jump into the unknown. There are plenty of dating sites, where you can find your soul mate. I know lots of men who communicate there and are successfully searching for their beloved. They place their profile and constantly look through girls’ accounts. Usually they communicate with several girls, because by appearance only it’s difficult to determine whether she’s your woman or not. Later they choose their one and only, invite her to visit or come to her country.

There is nothing impossible in life, if it’s feasible to find your person for hundreds of thousands kilometers away thanks to the Internet, you should just take a risk. Any risk is justified if a person is looking for happiness and seeking love.


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