New russian girls photo trend

New russian girls photo trend

Girls love to take photos and Russian girls are no exception

Those men, who dated Russian women, know that they are very easy-going and love to have fun. You will never get bored with extraordinary Russian personality as a lady will always bring something extraordinary to your relationships.

Women dedicate a lot of time to family and friends. They collect memories and make fun pictures whenever possible. This habit is a great tip that usually helps to distinguish between scam girls and genuine ladies, who create accounts on dating web site.   It is worth noting fact, that due to popularity of Russian women, thieves and swindlers began to use it for their own purpose – stealing money. Plenty of men get into trap, when they meet the wrong lady on the Internet. Scam women usually come up with reasons to ask men they are chatting with for money. It can be a sick relative or desire to visit him.

How to understand that you are chatting with a scam lady:

  1. Scam dates easily fall for others. After 2-3 conversation she confesses to loving you and dreaming about you, which, of course is not true.
  2. Photos of scam women are the first thing that should make you suspicious. Scam lady always upload pictures of someone else. These are usually pictures of models taken from the Internet. Scam girls take pictures of women standing alone on some kind of background. She will never upload a picture with a company of friends.
  3. If you have doubts regarding the woman you are chatting with, ask her to send you another picture, preferably a selfie. If she refuses, leave her.

Women love not only to collect memories but also to share them with others. If you take a profile page of a typical ladies in social networks, you will notice that she uploads picture not only of her own but also photos with friends. Ladies will be happy to share with you a moment from her life and, thus, if you ask her to send you any other picture of her even with friends, she will gladly do that.

Russian girls love to take picture, especially when travelling. One of new Russian girls photo trend is making selfies. Selfies have recently become so popular but they are getting more and more. Basically all girls love to take selfies in different countries on the background with the most famous tourist attractions. It is obvious that sending a selfie if necessary, will never be a problem for a Russian girl.

Many Russian women work as models in different agencies full time and part time. Probably this is the reason why they love to take photos.

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