Nervous about your first date whith Russian women

Nervous about your first date whith Russian women. Heres what to expect

How to Make the First Date with Russian Women Perfect – Dealing with Nervousness

So you’ve done it – you got online to find and meet many Russian women. Then, among them, you found one that won your attentions – a potential bride among all the hopeful Russian brides!  You made it through the dating process and are at the door of marriage. Then, after months of communicating, chatting online, emails, video chats, and reaching out to one another, you’ve planned to meet your beautiful Russian lady in person for the first time.  This is the day you dreamed about since you first started browsing all the lady singles advertisements out there, and now the day draws near.  Do you know what to expect?  No doubt you are nervous, but you really don’t have to be.

Take a Breath

Relax, take a breath, and just breathe.  Focusing on your breath will help you re-center yourself and you will be centering on a primal instinct. Something as simple as concentrating on your own breathing patterns can help relax you.  If you are stressed out about the first encounter, she is going to know. You want your Russian female to feel nothing but confidence and power coming off you like an intoxicating aura.  Show her nervousness and she will wonder if you can be a strong provider.  Check your breathing – is it short and shallow. Of course, it is, you are nervous.  Force yourself to take in a long breath and release it slowly.  Do it again. Repeat the process until you have restored your balance.

Other Ways for Relaxing During the Date

Focus on her instead of focusing on your inner feelings.  If you see she is wearing something beautiful, then compliment her on her attire. Focus on every word she says while she is speaking – soon you will not be panicking inside your own mind with your nervousness and anxiety.  By listening to her speak, you are drawing yourself out of your inner dialogue and centering on what she is doing. Sometimes, just getting out of your own head is enough to calm you down.

If you notice your Russian female is nervous, try to calm her down by offering soothing conversation or just allowing her to talk. Sometimes the sheer act of helping someone else get through what you are dealing with works double time in the therapy department.  In other words, help out your Russian female when she is nervous and you can help yourself simultaneously.  The best part is, she will never suspect a thing.  You don’t ever have to mention your own nervous state, and quite frankly, it is better you don’t.  Remember, as a pretty Russian female, this young lady is going to rely on you to be a power source, a protector, and you, therefore, have to come across as strong even in weaker moments.  It is something you need to get used to if you are marrying a Russian female.

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