Misconceptions about Russian Women

Misconceptions about Russian Women

It is not surprising that there are some nasty rumors about Russian women, much of which is passed about by the ignorant, and the rest is passed around by the envious.  This is particularly true when we are talking about Russian females who make use of dating sites when they are desirous of marriage.  The Russian lady is in fact interested in marrying someone outside of Russia – someone from the West.  Already the connotation of mail order bride comes screaming out of the shadows as if to suggest a female cannot fall for some outside the country of her native origins or that to desire to expand one’s horizons is wrong.  It’s likened to the stereotype of the dangerous female or the vulnerable female who travels.  Either way, it’s utter nonsense and this is not the only ridiculous misconception out there.

Myth: Russian females are looking for visas or they are simply gold diggers. Russian women do not divorce often and that’s a fact.  The likelihood of first, finding a super rich man online when they sign up for an online dating site to meet and find a Western man is minimal. There are thousands of pretty women looking for significant others and the ratio of rich men to beautiful Russian seekers makes it highly an unlikely event.  You are going to have to go with your gut on this one. If you make your position clear early on, that you are neither from a family of affluence or that you live a moderate lifestyle, you will have little to worry about.  Anti scam methods are put forth by dating site administrators too.

More Falsehoods about Russian Brides

Myth: to please a Russian female you have to give her super expensive gifts. This is a myth closely associated to the erroneous idea of “gold digger.”  While it is true that Russian females, just like other women from around the world, love beautiful things, it is not something they demand to have or something that defines who they are.  It is equally true that Russian women like to dress nice, but this is not so much about demanding expensive clothes as it is looking good for one’s special someone and feeling good about one’s self.  Russian females are warm, generous, and they know a gift when they receive one – it doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful to her.

These are the two main stereotypes applied to women from Russia who seek mates abroad.  The are erroneous ideas for the most part. Yes, you will get a bad apple or two, but that should never be allowed to spoil it for the entire bunch.  Russian females make for excellent friends, girlfriends, wives, and mothers – and there are hundreds lady singles just waiting to meet Westerners who are ready for a real relationship.


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