This is the fact that there are many scammers online who are trying to deceive Western men and to get their money. There are a lot of articles written on this subject. It is so easy to create a fake identity and look for credulous men online who are looking for brides or simply women to date. Even without making a fake identity there are a lot of Ukrainian women capable of deceiving in order to make a profit. In any case it would be a very foolish act to send money to a complete stranger without meeting her in the real life.

How to recognize a scam?

Many Ukrainian women describe their life as miserable and distressed. These single ladies may have debts of some kind, problems with health, financial troubles due to unemployment crisis, parents / children issues, or, maybe even a “sadistic” boss who has her as a slave on a dead-end job without any raise in salary for years and she dreams of escape. And only Western men can help her.

Before sending any money to a woman you should meet her in real life and not only online. Fly to her, make sure she really does exist, spend some time alone with Ukrainian woman of yours. Some women are ready to escape their country in the hope for a better future with a wealthy husband without true feelings. When you meet your single lady you will be able to tell whether her feelings are real and mutual.

Don’t be fooled by a beautiful face: if you are chatting online only for few weeks or months and Ukrainian woman is already asking you for money you should be alarmed. Women can play on men’s feelings making them “saviors” and fooling at the same time. Of course with time you will have to pay some money on restaurants, flowers, tickets for her to visit you but these are the obvious reasons.

You must be 100% sure that the woman you are helping out is real, certainly in need and interested in serious relationship with you.

Power of loneliness

Many Western men see Ukrainian brides as a permanent solution for their loneliness. Family and married friends are pushing them to find a real woman and finally they are tired of being alone and ready to tie the knot so starting to fool themselves and truly believing that the first girl they met online may be the one. And they are trying to please her by buying expensive gifts or just sending money every week or month. What they don’t understand is that mutual affection and especially love is a tricky thing. It is extremely hard to find in a real life not to mention online. Sometimes it takes years to find someone special to start a family with.

So our best advice for you is to be patient and wise and true love will eventually find you.

Why do Western men send money to Ukrainian brides they barely know?
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Why do Western men send money to Ukrainian brides they barely know?
We will help you to avoid scam. Should men send money to their Ukrainian brides? Is it safe to trust ladies from Ukraine? Why do men trust so easily to a pretty

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