What Makes Russian Brides Most Happy

What Makes Russian Brides Most Happy

Russian women and eager Russian brides are seemingly happy all the time and rightfully so – if they get to the point of marriage they have already gone online to find and meet the real man of their dreams. After dating for many months as a lady single they are on the verge of entering into marriage with someone they have always wanted to be with their entire lives. The Russian lady is happy because she is about to become a wife and start a family with a man she has fallen in love with – a Westerner. She is proud to be your bride and is preparing to move abroad and start a new life – which is exciting – and frightening all at once. So how does a man keep his new bride happy even after she has moved abroad and she is immersed in an experience that results in culture shock?

Being Genuine

More Ways to Ensure Her Happiness

Beautiful Russian women are strong and resilient.  She will bounce back from the stress associated with moving abroad. She’s pretty smart too and her quick wit and determination will help her through the rough spots. Some things a man can do to keep her happy until she adjusts to her new life include:

Be Her Soft Place to Fall

Being her soft place to fall means being there to support her when she’s feeling overwhelmed. It doesn’t mean being soft as a man in general. In fact, Russian women prefer the man to take the lead role, to stand strong, and to remain tough in the face of adversity.  Through his strength she derives her own strength and feels protected at the same time – this sense of safety will contribute to your Russian lady’s happiness.

Keep the Romance and Chivalry Alive After the “I Dos”

Just because she has consented to marriage, that doesn’t mean your work is done. In fact, it has only just begun as you will spend a lifetime wooing your mate. The more you pamper her, the happier she will be. Russian women love romance and appreciate admiration. Do the following and she’ll be swooning for you with a big smile on her face as she does so:

⦁ Write poetry for her and recite it
⦁ Bring her cards and flowers periodically
⦁ Take her out to dinner
⦁ Buy her outfits, surprise her, and tell her how stunning she looks in what she is wearing
⦁ Talk with her not to her or at her
⦁ Listen to her when she is speaking
⦁ If she is having difficulty with English, take her to some classes and work with her at home.
⦁ Study the language with her, and take a class in Russian languages too
⦁ Take her shopping on occasion
⦁ Plan a secret get away to someplace romantic either nearby or abroad
⦁ Plan a surprise party for her birthday and make sure her family members are there too.

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