How to Make Russian Women Smile

Ways to Make Your Russian Lady Smile

How to Make Russian Women Smile

Russian women who are eager to be Russian brides and enter into marriage typically smile a lot, but you can do a few things that can make them smile even more. If you are looking to hook up with, find, meet, and begin dating one of these beautiful Russian ladies then you will definitely want to put a smile on their face on a regular basis. If you can keep your Russian lady satisfied and happy, she becomes a perfectly content creature who is devoted, loyal, loving, and equally attentive to you. You would be surprised to find out just how easy it is to make your Russian lady smile. Here are some great tips you can use to put that pretty and welcoming smile across her face.

Do Something Unexpected

Take note of the little things: Let’s face it, men are matter of fact creatures by nature; They are doers and prone to real action. When busied with work or doing something they are often inattentive to the little things – this is a prime time to surprise her when you notice the small things and make mention of them. Notice a different hairstyle, a new barrette, a brooch, new piece of jewelry you’ve never seen before, a change in the hair color, or a new manicure. How can you do this online you ask? Pay close attention to her when you have video chat sessions with her!  Note changes in any new photos she shares with you. Complement her on the things you notice – simply paying close attention to her makes her feel adored and special.

How to Make Russian Women Smile
How to Make Russian Women Smile

Do Something Sweet

Track every important moment of the relationship, even the small moments. Keep a calendar on your computer or, better yet, in a small notebook just in case your computer crashes. Write down the time you first reached out to her via messaging, the first time she responded, the first time you wrote full letters to one another, and the first time you saw each other on video chat. Find out when her birthday is too, and be sure to send her a thoughtful gift.  Pick a day in the week, make it a “celebrate her” day, and send her something to reflect the day you have chosen to honor her. Little things go a long way with lady singles that are looking for Mr. Right.

Additional Things You Can Do to Make Her Smile

Here are a few more sure-to-bring-you-a-smile actions for use on women:

  •  Send romantic emails to your potential future bride
  •  Mail her a surprise gift package
  •  When you first meet her, give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers
  •  Don’t be afraid to tell her a joke or two
  • Talk with her about some of the funniest things that have ever happened to you.
  •  Talk about funny movies, television shows, or comedians.
  •  Just smile at her and she is sure to smile back.


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