Make a right choice of a Russian wife

Make a right choice of a Russian wife

A responsible choice: particularities of attitude of Russian people towards marriage

The choice of a life partner is one of the most responsible ones every person makes in his life. Here we have to make a remark that in the industrialized world people get married at the age of 30 -35 and later. In the Slavic world, particularly in Russia, young people get married at 20 -25. It is so because of cultural traditions that are vivid in this country. Many say, of course, it is provoked by the fact that Russia is an undeveloped country, where a girl seeks security her husband can bring.

Whatever the reason is, take into account the fact that Russian ladies usually pay much attention to the choice of their husbands.

“Once and forever” is a formula for Russian marital union

  1. For Russian ladies a husband and children play a very constitutional role in their lives. They prefer to create a solid family once and forever. Do not break the heart of a Russian beauty with the relationships that will not last long.
  2. The divorce in traditional Slavic culture is a bad sign. It somehow shames a woman. It later will be harder for her to marry for the second time as well as to educate her child alone. In the industrialized world being a single divorced mother is a normal thing. People do not judge such ladies as much as it happens to be in Russia.
  3. When you marry a Russian lady, you automatically become a member of a big family of relatives. If your divorce a woman in a short period of time, you will hardly feel yourself comfortable with any them any more.

How to make a Russian woman unlock her soul

  • Appeal to the feminine characteristics of a Russian lady, if you want to understand which type of person she is.Slavic women are very tender. Bring your lady a bouquet of flowers for your date and see her reaction.
  • Be yourself during your online communication as well at the dates. The sooner you disclose your real intentions, the better it will be for your relationships.
  • Spend time with your Russian beauty not only in restaurants. Live with her for several days a routine everyday life. It will make you understand how well you feel together.
  • Visit her relatives. Russians usually have very big families and visit their dearest ones much.
  • Ask your partner to tell about something in life that impressed her most of all, about her fears and desires.
  • If your lady has a child, spend all together as much time as you can. That will make you understand how well you can feel all three.

How to make your Russian lady’s parents accept you into the family?

  • The most important your bride’s parents want to know is whether their child will be happy with you. Share with woman’s father your view on your future life: where you will live, where your wife can work. Tell him as much as you can about it. Her father, therefore, will understand that you have a vision of how to construct the joint life.
  • Be attentive and bring presents to your Russian bride’s family relatives. Do not forget about a bouquet of roses for her mother and sisters, if she has ones.
  • Tell as much as you can to her relatives about the US. Make them feel that it is a country with strong traditions and many interesting customs.

Look for a second-half patiently and do not miss a chance to create a happy family with a lady, who can become your reliable life-partner.  Use help of a professional dating and marriage agency!

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