Ladies for marriage – do they exist?

How to know if a lady is ready for marriage and to understand why she needs it

The topic is quite simple, but an understanding of it is not taught in any school, not even by conservative parents who consider family values to be paramount. It is worth mentioning the majority of emerging marriages is the result of reckless behavior by youth, or the desire to conform to the very blurred society rules. So, let’s examine the notion of marriage, what qualities a potential wife must have, and why actually a marriage is needed.

Good and bad ideas about relationships

Before analyzing it, in reality, let us see what definition the dictionary gives us. “Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union or legal contract between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws, as well as society in general”. As there is stated to marry it is necessary to achieve marriageable age established by the legislation. That is actually all. Is not it too scant description of the phenomenon, from the understanding of which it will be decided who you will spend your life with?

Perhaps the phrase, reflecting the essence of the family from the perspective of the state, is the society management. No more and no less. In the personal life we are accustomed to be guided by more grandiloquent concepts, and yet the majority of people are still looking for love in a couple, rather than a formal registration. Regardless of your age, sex and skin color, any choice, especially if it is decisive, you need clearly understand why you need it. Wait and gain some experience, make your own opinion on what is happening around, and only then take such important decisions. Do not hurry. No matter how old are you, think about the fact, how many really happy families, which you want to take as an example, you know: personal details, successes and failures.

Unfortunately, if you take a close look at all aspects of the lives of most couples, and really find out the information you will understand the problems in the relationship are rarely local. These are usually chronic misunderstandings that extend through life, and are dragged into the family. You do regularly hear people arguing on the street, next door, on the phone, and so on. Therefore, keep in mind that if you are equal to “all”, then will live like all. Be careful, communicate with people, but lean on verifiable knowledge, examples and experience. There are also couples who realize stamp in the passport solves little, and they are usually more than happy, because their relationship is based on shared experiences and the vision of the future.

They meet and live together for many years in a civil marriage, and only then, perhaps, marry, and usually only in order to legitimize the birth of children. You see, the strength of the relationship is not determined by the seals. But the willing of men and women to take responsibility, work together to solve problems, to listen to each other’s feelings, and the ability to recognize a simple truth. There is another point of view, and you must be able to recognize and accept it.

It is believed women are ready to marry almost from childhood, but it is not. If the girl, when she was a child worshiped fairy tale that there is a single beloved one on the whole planet, which is somewhere seeking her, she will either be disappointed and unhappy or lonely, and although, again, most likely unhappy. This does not mean the relations should be avoided before adulthood. In order to be a mature person, you need experience. Do not be afraid of breaks. Life does not end after this, unless you are financially tied to the man. But this problem can be solved in most cases. The woman should be ready for the responsible relationships, and then she will automatically be prepared to marry. It is not a family determines whether you will be happy, but your willingness to work together.

Sense and Sensibility

To the girl family is the support and confidence. At least that is considered to be, and there is a grain of truth. After all, in order to organize your life, you need stability and security in many aspects. People, who have officially legalized their relationships, get new responsibilities and rights. In an amicable way, they get some bonus above the foundation, which was laid down originally. This is the whole point. It is important that this foundation was solid from the beginning. It is believed women are more emotional and men are stingier on the senses, but it is not. Women are much more stress resistant by nature, which is so necessary during pregnancy and nurturing children.

The vast number of men are quite vulnerable and sensitive. They just herded into the dictated by centuries patriarchal social framework which became a trap to them. Because now, the notion of a man is represented as a titanium resistance, firmness and the lack of weakness. In fact, almost all the psychological differences between men and ladies are only the result of our upbringing. We are all vulnerable, and able to open in front of the person. It is necessary to find a decent approach.

The society has left its mark and according to the statistics girls aspire to marriage, faster than men, which often frightens and repels them. Why? They need the same comfort, attention and understanding as you. In pursuit of marriage, many miss the person. Respect the feelings of each other, and since it happened, try to understand what your girl need the same things as you. Treat her as you would like her to treat you. The secret of happiness is quite simple, but often hidden behind vague concepts. Learn to love and then much more likely you will be loved. But do not forget about the books, evolve so your senses lead you to a human heart and sense – through life.

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