It is an open secret that a lot of couples do not live together the whole life. The reasons can be totally different. Sometimes it happens because people have different view of life, incompatible characters. Someone wants to work its whole life and do not want a baby but woman wants a baby very much. But sometimes a couple has a baby, and they happy but in several years they divorce. The divorce is the difficult time and for man, and for woman and for a child too. But negative experience is experience too. It is not the end of the life. Everyone has to draw conclusion and to start new life. Sometimes the negative experience may be useful for further relationship.

According to the Russian and Ukrainian legislation the child stays with mother as a rule. Of course, we need some time in order to continue living on. Very often happens that we have to overcome some psychological problems after divorce.

It is obvious that for man it is easier to take a wife. But what to do a single lady with a child?  A Russian or Ukrainian bride with a child – problem or happiness?

As the proverb says: «Many men – many minds». Someone considers that it is very difficult for a woman with a child to marry once more. Sometimes people think that a man will not marry on a woman because her child will be non-native for him. Frankly speaking, everything depends on a person.

Generally, Russian or Ukrainian lady with a child has equal chances to marry once more. As a rule, ladies with a child after divorce become wiser, they are without inflated demands and she looks for a reliable man in order to start a family.

It is important to note that a lady with a child must think positive and take into consideration the experience of her first marriage and not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Very often the second marriage becomes more successful than the first one.

We can firmly tell that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very beautiful, pretty and clever women. It is real to find a good bride and a wonderful wife in future in Ukraine or Russia. Even all foreigners consider that Ukrainian and Russian women are the most beautiful ladies in the world. Most of them have strong character; they are independent and prefer to live their lives together with worthy man. Russian or Ukrainian lady can meet a man at her job or doing shopping in supermarket, she can easily find a man being online on social websites. Also, dating may be when ladies apply their forms for marriage.

Of course, the marriage is very important step in the life of everyone but to become happy is worth it! There are a lot of positive examples when stepfathers bring up non-native children better than fathers!

Dear men! We advise you get a better look at women with a child!