Is It Legal If You Want To Marry A Russian Bride?

International Marriage Agencies And The Law

If you want to marry a Russian bride, you are someone concerned about legal ramifications, and you won’t be the first man to be concerned. One of the main questions when it comes to Slavic females and Western men is how to get a Russian bride legally. There are many Russian women waiting to meet Western men for dating and marriage possibilities. Nevertheless, many Western men are reluctant to marry Russian women. The reason; they are unsure of the law and any potential legal ramifications.

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 was officially enacted in the month of January 2006. Otherwise known as IMBRA, the law is put in requirements that help to protect foreign women who hope to become brides of Western men. Slavic marriage agencies are indeed illegal. However, these agencies must meet certain standards and regulations before they can release information to Western males who was interested in taking on a Russian bride as a spouse. No information can be released to a resident or US citizen until the following obligations have been met:

The Westerner who is interested in meeting up with a Russian bride must first complete a marital background and a criminal background check and a questionnaire has to be filled out as well.

The marriage agency that is interested in providing the Western male with information about a Slavic bride hopeful must also retrieve the male’s record from the US National Sex Offenders Public Registry if one is existent and if one is nonexistent the paperwork to prove that it is not so.

International Marriage Agencies And The Law -Where Do The Records Go?

After all documents are collected there is still more work to do:

All records and the questionnaire have to be fully translated into Russian or whatever the native language is of the female in question and then given to the woman so she can go over the documents herself.

After the Russian female does a full evaluation of the documentation presented to her she can then consent to giving her information to this male if she is interested. She must certify her interest in order to allow communication with the interested man.

Regulations Regarding Travel

If after the female has decided that she wants to meet with you and you have met all the requirements eventually you want to meet face-to-face. There are some regulations in regard to bringing a spouse into the country. You will be required to fill a form I – 130 which is a special immigrant petition. Of course, the work doesn’t stop there, additional paperwork includes the K – 3/K – 4 as well as the V – 1/V – 2 forms which serve as an entry visa for spouse. As per information shared by the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the United States it might be a better idea to pursue a K – 1 fiancée Visa before pursuing the latter mentioned paperwork.

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