How to Tell About Russian Dating

So you found your future bride online after browsing through lady single profiles on an International dating site where Russia women seek out Western males for dating and marriage – Congratulations are definitely in order! Now that you are very serious about your future bride, you need to introduce this pretty Russian lady to your family and friends – that is, after you explain how you both met. While you know your relationship is the real thing, your friends and family, out of concern for you, may feel that you are being scammed – this is due to some of the less than reputable sites who do scam some people looking to meet and find real Russian women interested in establishing a family. When your relationship is solid, it is time to let the friends and family know your intention to marry.


First, you need to know when the right time to tell your friends and family about your pursuit of a beautiful Russian female. You should do it alone (if you’re pretty Russian lady is visiting you in the states, this is not the time to drop the news on friends and family as it may be awkward for her – there’s no need to cause her discomfort. Once you’ve broken the news and got everyone on the same page by letting them know where you stand, that’s the time that you can bring your lovely Russian fiancé to met family and friends.

Bear in mind that the best time to tell your family about your future bride may not be when you are only a couple of weeks into the relationship. You need to be well into the relationship when you do share your information because you will know more about your chosen bride and you will have a better understanding of where the relationship stands.

How You Feel about it Makes a Difference

If you go to your family and friends and you lack confidence in what you are presenting to them in the way of  information about your choice of a Russian female for a wife,  it will only cause your family more concern, not less. Bear in mind that your parents and siblings are only looking out for your best interests and you should be prepared to answer a lot of questions. You would do well to have information about:

  • Your future bride: where she lives, her education, her city of residence, her family, and be willing to tell how you met online.
  • Myths versus Facts: Show your family that you have been sensible about the pursuit of the female of your dreams by talking about the myths associated with Russian brides and the real facts. It will demonstrate your knowledge and that you have done your homework.