How to recognize a Real Russian woman

Know who you are looking at

Firstly, let’s speak about appearance.

Russian women abroad never wear any cheap clothes, often their dresses are pretty good. The natural bad taste still prevails over the common sense. Ridiculous combination of things and colors, leopard style, strange gold jewels, vulgar bags… Taking a look at a typical Europeans: the simplest T-shirts, skirts, dress – at the same time elegant and, of course, pretty looking. The brain of a woman tells her “all the best is all correct” – like it is just a part of the culture. What did you expect to see on the real Russian woman going for a lunch? A simple dress and light slippers. Not this time! Only the evening gown and shoes with heels!

Summer time is more hilarious. It’s a shame for a girl to go to the sea or the pool without a huge styling, big eyelashes and bright eye shadows. And how funny it is when she tries not to spoil this makeup in the water. While having a pool chat with such a lady, be sure – she is a real Russian woman!

Manners, behavior and surprises

If you are first talking with Russian girl, be ready for her to keep distance before you become closer. It doesn’t matter whether she likes you or not, the first hour after acquaintance you will spend a time with real Ice Queen, who doesn’t want to open up for you or let you closer. And more she likes you the bigger icy wall will be. You have to understand that if after an hour from meeting a woman you know just a little about here, it is 60 % chance that you’re speaking to a real Russian woman. But be sure, behind this icy wall, as you managed to break it, you will find the most generous, kind, lovely and talkative creature you have ever seen.

Just after she realizes that you are close enough, she becomes unstoppable in her will to spend time with you, to tell you everything she thinks. And here you can say that this is a real Russian woman.

It works even if you meet Russian women online in a simple chat or on the dating site. The very topic of speaking will be her story about how bad the life is in a native land, about her dreams and wishes for a wonderful future… and even full description of her previous day from the early awakens to the time she went to bed. Do not relax – get ready for a pretty large messages, questions, crazy ideas and unpredictable decisions. All this with a distinctive Russia-style spelling of “r”.

Just feel this once and you’ll remember this type of behavior for ever.

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