How to meet a Russian girl?

Any man who considers himself macho, not going to read our tips.

But the bachelor, who was determined to leave with a boring life and embark on a search path Russian wife, these tips will help you make the right step in this direction.

  • It is important to assess and not to miss the chance when a girl takes You with a modicum of interest. Try to get acquainted with beautiful girls, read in their eyes the interest. Your success will be better if You evaluate yourself properly. Do not think that if You consider yourself attractive, then all the girls will be constructed in line with Your phone number.
  • If You start a conversation with a Russian girl is, first, properly evaluate her reaction. As a rule, boys are thrown with the girl for a moment, hoping for a positive response. Maybe the girl You do not like, but she was with you while talking because raised properly. Maybe it will give You to understand that chance You simply do not. And maybe Vice versa. Catch the moment!
  • To reach the tip # 1, you need to make several attempts at Dating. A young man sees an attractive girl, but she did seem inaccessible. “Maybe she has a friend – because she’s beautiful. Or she will not talk to like me”, he thinks and makes no attempt to speak. Emotional social anxiety has to be overcome. If You liked the Russian girl, come and say something to start the conversation. Most pleased to hear the compliment about their appearance, many with pleasure will tell about where a good restaurant nearby. Communicate!
  • Dating usually starts spontaneously. Approach to different girls may be different – because we all have different characters. Develop three unequal methods of treatment to the Russian girls. Will attach the other to the development of the technique: go for a walk and chat with any Babes. So You will understand what style of communication suits you. Experiment!
  • Women like it when they are interested in opinion on some event, perhaps of the lives of celebrities or of flying rumor from “people’s radio”, and if you ask about fashion accessories to your closet — You are guaranteed to succeed. This is one of the easiest ways to continue the conversation. Ask for opinions!
  • To please the Russian girl, you should always keep yourself in shape: watch appearance, your speech, avoid in a conversation of words-parasites. Of course, much depends on Your inner world. Your soul should make an attempt to connect with her soul, and as soon as your eyes met. Improve constantly!

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