Without a loved one, it is very difficult to live. But what if your girl does not appreciate or respect you? How to build a good relationship with Russian lady?

How to make sure that your Russian woman respects you

Is it possible to earn the respect of your lady?

People you love are the most precious thing in everyone’s life. Without the support and understanding of friends and relatives, it is very difficult to have serious relationship with Russian women. However, there are situations when a girlfriend does not appreciate the actions that you are doing for her, and does not value you as a person.

Do not embellish yourself
For example, a lie that you have your business, or influential friends, can cause serious complications in the relationship in future. Go to swimming pool, to gym, or simply occupy yourself with something interesting. Family life with Russian bride should be common. You have to convince her that you are fully developed personality.
In order to ensure respect of the girls, you have to make the girl begin to seek a meeting with you. Women always appreciate more what they don’t have, that`s why reducing the likelihood of your regular meetings will make you happy and can get you healthy marriage with Russian woman.
Be reliable for your woman
Be a reliable shoulder for the girl and the supportive person on whom she could rely on, day and night. There is no need to run and perform any of her requests – explain to her once, that you are not her servant. But when she needs your help and protection, she should count on you.
Surprising your girlfriend, you make her appreciate you, because they are very sensitive about monotonous gray days. Spoil your girlfriend with a variety of surprises and try to please with the symbolic gifts. To do this, you can wake up early and cook breakfast for her. After creating the romance in your relationships, you will not only make her respect you, but also become much closer to each other.
If all of the above methods failed, it is possible to take specific measures. You can, for example, to stop or limit the communication with her just for some time, to make her understand that your company is much more comfortable for her. It is the fact that a person begins to appreciate something when he realizes he could lose it.
Let the girl lose you, and if she realizes her mistakes, let her feel the charm of your relationships again. If all goes smoothly, and she really loves you, after your reunion, relationships will come to a qualitatively new level, and be sure that she will start to appreciate you and what you do for her.

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