How to make a Russian bride Visa?

How to make a Russian bride Visa?

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So far, a stereotype that American men have a serious interest in marriage with Slavic women is among the Russians girls. After overcoming the first difficulties in the searching for betrothed abroad, every Russian bride will meet with a new trial – a complex bureaucratic procedure, which ends with her being issued a Visa to the United States. Caution for girls who finally have finally decided to go abroad and are ready to begin collecting documents for obtaining the authorization from the US government to enter the country – it is not recommended to try to get a guest, work or any other permission to enter, except the Russian bride Visa to the United States.

In general, applicants for misleading documents (documents that are submitted not to the prescribed ultimate goal, are considered unreliable) are eliminated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the early stages. However, cases when already arrived in an American airport girls were sent back to the homeland with putting a particular stamp in the passport are very frequent. The presence of such stamp will make it impossible to get any kind of permission in the future from the US authorities.

Status of the bride

Girls, who have not issued a legal marriage, must return to Russia after 90 days. In the case when the bride decided to connect her life with an American chosen one in the time then the entire process of obtaining a visa must be held. According to the US migration law, a groom should initiate a bride entering the US.

Requirements to the groom

There are two requirements for the groom. He must be a US citizen. Individuals who have the permission to reside on the territory of the United States, but they are not its citizens are not eligible to apply for an entry Visa to his bride. Americans, who live in other states on a regular basis, can bring bride in to the United States only if they will return to the country of their citizenship.

Groom initiative is that he should apply to the office of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is located in Dallas, and to apply a petition of the appropriate form for a Visa to his bride.

Additional services

There are a lot of forums about Russian girls and wives, with information related to the registration of visa applications and general information about all the documents that are needed be provided to change the status in the US. Such forums are providing with all necessary information about all the papers, the most important documents that are required before proceeding with the interview.

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