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How to Impress a Russian Girl

Respect Her

While it seems like it goes without saying, respecting someone can really go a long way in your effort to impress. In fact, it is one of the things on top of the list when looking to master how to impress a Russian girl. And whether you’re looking to learn how to impress a Russian girl online or you want to master how to impress a Russian girl on a first date in person, there are many similar ways to do so. Consider these the next time you communicate with your Slavic female friend:

  • Whether you are talking to your friend online or you are romancing her over candlelight and wine, take time to listen to her. Don’t spend time thinking about the next thing to say while she’s talking. Instead look into her eyes and really listen to her speak. Listening goes a long way in terms of a demonstration of respect.
  • One good way to demonstrate respect is to show respect for yourself. When you are chatting through Skype and video messenger systems or you are meeting in person for the first time, always look your best. If you’re making an online profile, put up your best pictures. Always put your best foot forward to show that you respect yourself and are therefore capable of respecting someone else.
  • Complement her but only if you mean it. Don’t complement her just because you’re trying to flatter her… Insincerity is screamingly clear.
  • Be genuine and be friendly. And if you get the opportunity to meet her family, be just as respectful of them as you are of

Assertiveness Versus Aggression

Slavic women appreciate ambitious, motivated, assertive males. This is not to say they appreciate aggression of any sort. However, any hint of ambiguity, indecisiveness, or that you’re letting her make all the decisions about the direction of your relationship, the things you talk about or the things you do together and you’re turning her off rather quickly. If you’re talking in terms of online dating, make an effort to make the first move in contacting her, or in conversations when you chat make, sure you take the initiative to start the conversation on a topic you want to discuss. If she sees you are willing to take the lead, she is bound to find you impressive.

Pay Attention To The Small Things

Discussing any kind of conflict you have with other people is not a good way to impress your Slavic girlfriend. Instead, keep the conversation friendly and pay attention to the small things. Ask her about what she likes. Listen to her when she speaks. Ask her about her family. Discuss what is important to her. Always think of her first. Keep these rules in mind and you’ll definitely impress.

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