How to help your Russian wife to integrate into the foreign culture?

Tips on how to improve the integration process

It is quite stressful period of time for everyone when you have to leave your native country, friends, family, job and to give up you’re your routine for one person and to move to a distant country with different culture, traditions, language and overall attitude to life. Women are more emotional and sentimental so it is harder for them to accept reality and adjust their lives, habits, career ambitions and family expectation to a new order.
Charming Russian bride does everything possible to make her man to be proud of her and pleased with their life together as a couple. After final decision is made and your home is waiting for you it is important to realize that your young wife will face the whole new world and it is her husband’s duty to take care of her and to provide her wee-being abroad.
Here we have few recommendations for men on how to help Russian lady to feel herself welcomed in different environment:
Loving husband must support his young bride as he is the only person in this country she can rely on. Spend time with your lady, show her your town and neighborhood, and invite your friends and neighbors for a dinner. Try not to keep late hours in the office and create relaxing atmosphere at home;
Organize picnics or other meetings with your friends, invite your family. Make you r wife feel herself safe, useful and to realize that she is not alone. Help her in learning your language maybe you will have a desire to learn her native language;
The best way to fall in love with a different country is to travel. Explore multiple places with your wife and both of you will discover many new exciting sides of your surrounding. Show your town to your wife, attend concerts, exhibitions, movies, meet new people and create new friendly bonds and share new happy memories;
Family life with Russian woman can be exciting due to the cultural differences. Make sure that your new wife is aware of all cultural peculiarities of your country.

How to take care of your Russian bride?

Caring and loving husband should be prepared that his beautiful wife will feel herself vulnerable at the beginning in a new country without support of her family and friends. Introduce your Russian wife to your friends and family and make sure they will make a great company while you are at work and will help Russian lady to feel herself at home.
If your new home is big enough it is possible to invite your wife’s parent to visit and spend some time together. In any case man must take care of his wife and provide her with love and tenderness that are so vital for her.

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