How to Communicate with Russian Woman in General to Charm Her?


What is the main thing about women? They are hard to understand. Especially, Russian women. One has to be really experienced to know how to lead a conversation in a proper way. It is enough to know some facts about Russian ladies to ease the task dramatically.

What to Say to Russian Women in General?

The first thing you’ve got to know – they respect power. Until you became an authority, she will be cold like an ice queen, but once you make her feel you are in charge, she immediately becomes soft, kind and submissive. That’s why there are several recommendations below you have to follow until you make a conquest of your beloved one :

  • Never demonstrate vulnerability – it is vital. Yes, it is obvious any man has weaknesses, but this is how the woman’s brain works – until you show weakness, it doesn’t exist.
  • Be proactive and initiative – you have to decide what to do and where to go. Do not let her command no matter what. When she feels being in charge, you have got no power. You can ask her what does she want, but it is up to you to decide what to do.
  • Be a gentleman, but remain unpredictable – girls like bad boys, but no one likes people being rude. If you are being too polite it will be estimated as a weakness. Find the balance. You can open the door in front of her, but never take her purse.

Actually, you are getting consultation when dealing with the marriage agency on the subject. You will be told everything you need about this culture and customs.

Why Russian Girls Are so Popular Among the Men?

Three points:

  • They are beautiful
  • They are loyal
  • They are strong

Beautiful. Yes, it is true. After going along the streets you will dream of taking girls with you to wherever you live. There are many gorgeous girls and their beauty is natural that it may even be confusing.

Loyal. You won’t find a better friend than Russian wife. There is no place for pragmatism in relationships among you two, the only emotional connection. And she won’t leave no matter what, and also she will make you feel like a man.

Strong. It is not about physical strength, but mental. They know how to cope with difficulties, they do it every day of living, you cannot make her afraid telling you lost the job and there is no money to pay for rent. She will just support you and ask what kind of help do you need.

To sum up, it is a very good idea to meet a girl if you are seeking for true love and long marriage.

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