How foreigners hunting for Russian brides

“Russian brides,” which translates as “Russian brides”, became one of the most searched-for queries of the foreigners connected with Russia. Moreover, foreign guests, predominantly male audience, type “Russian brides” is not in order to see the pictures of charming beauties and to “grab” himself such a wife.But why is “bride” with the post-Soviet space so popular?
Everything is simple: education and the classical conception of the family, making the inexperienced Russian woman “hunting” on the part of foreigners in the country have the vast majority of “emancipated” women, and they are difficult to manage.Pour “oil on the fire” the desire to have a Russian girl all the famous beauty and ability to cook.

Directly boom of the popularity of Russian brides started in 90-ies, since when was “open” borders between the countries.

Today, in the era of market relations abroad (and us) many have learned to make money on it. How? Just. British tabloid the Daily Mail said about the specific business of the “Safari tours”.

“Safari tours”

There are many companies that organize these tours. They are sent priority men over forty with average incomes. And they are looking at the statistics of young women twenty-five to thirty-five years.On average, the “Safari-tour” costs about 1500 to 3000 pounds. It is meant to visit several cities, where the men are organising a series of theme parties.

On average 15-25 men have from 150-250 girls who “present” themselves to potential husbands: this includes catwalk wearing light summer dresses and bathing suits, and girls wear on the head hard hats to show grace to your posture.In order to know that the head of the “Russian bride” is not the wind (although a ingenuous love), between alien and her discussions are organized with the assistance of translators.In the “cultural program” of the tour can also include visits, trips to restaurants, combines shopping and so on and so on.

Why foreigners “Russian brides”

To understand why foreign bachelors so eager to find a Russian woman, you should listen to them. Here is what one of the participants of the Safari:He also noted that it beckons the well-established in the West believed that Russian and Ukrainian “is not infected with all this feminist garbage.”Beautiful-Russian-Women

The other 68-year-old loner from United States – says our girls “old-fashioned”, but it is only a plus. Despite the considerable age, the American believes that Russian women are “sexy”.Why do girls foreign husbands
For example, the alien found the right woman and even married her. He was pleased, happy. But look at the situation from the other side – from the side of the woman.Let’s start with the pros. I’m sure many women, despite the nationality, I dream about a husband who will love her and everything about her will to arrange it. I dream about the attention. And get it.

Get a new social situation, which is also important. Some always wanted to move abroad, and marriage to a foreigner seems to them a dream to come true.

Now for the cons. Refer to the experts. Women’s rights center La Strada believes such trips are extremely dangerous and discriminate against women. There are cases of violence against new brides from the hands of men. Sometimes that comes to trafficking.

“Often in life not enough love and happiness, but because they are glad even to such male attention. And Dating agencies will often use it to create a thriving business of trafficking in women” – says the expert of the organization Catherine Turtle.

But these risks do not frighten many residents of the CIS, given that often they even have no idea about the country to which you move.russian-model

“They know neither their rights nor how to obtain a residence permit, or how to behave in divorce and how to maintain custody,” — said the Turtle. Also, don’t rule out the possibility that the husband will not, “Prince”, and a brutal dictator, does not shy away from bodily or psychological humiliation towards the bride. But in this case, the fear of deportation to their homeland can be much stronger than the fear of daily beatings.

Despite all this, the number of girls wishing to participate in these parties remains quite large. Some want just to make money, using its beauty, someone to party or like going shopping at the expense of the gullible foreigner, someone just want to “change the climate”, and someone give a tale that will never end. Some successfully achieve his plans. Others were not so lucky.

In other words, “Russian brides” is simply playing Russian roulette, where the stake is often their freedom – on the one hand, and happiness on the other.

UPD: the center of tourism for the bride, according to British newspaper Guardian, is the city of Odessa, where a record number of women from CIS countries want to go live to the West or just to earn extra money.

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