Getting married a woman from Russia: how to help her adapting in other country?

Getting married a woman from Russia: how to help her adapting in other country?

What does statistics say?

While the borders between states are becoming more blurred, immigrants continue to face the same challenges as the generations before them. Some complain of loneliness, others cannot overcome the language barrier, and others feel redundant in a foreign culture. To learn how to successfully adapt to a different country and provide a marriage with Russian women, read this article.

According to the International Commission for Migration, there are about 20 million migrant workers in the world – that is, about 3% of the world’s population. One fifth of them live in America (23%), 34% chose to stay in Europe and 28% – in Asia. In 2006-2010 about 206 thousand Russians left Russia. And all these people, despite the fact that their immigration conditions and personal qualities are different, faced similar problems.

Main factors of adaptation

Psychological research suggests that immigration is equal to the highest stress scores of 100 on scale (for comparison – the same amount estimated death of loved ones). To describe the human condition, just having moved to another country, an American anthropologist Kalervo Oberg in 1954 introduced the concept of “culture shock.” The fact that emigration is a radical change of all: language, culture, style, behavior, history, geography, circle of friends, often profession. Based on the theory of culture shock, being in completely new conditions, a person feels the conflict of old and new cultural norms. All understandable psychological and social factors that help Russian woman to adapt to the society disappeared and their place was taken by the unknown ones that came from different cultural environment.

What steps does every immigrant?

  • The first stage is called “euphoric” when a person is in a contemplative and passive state. It includes only our emotions, everything seems rosy.
  • Next one is “tourist” phase, when the most necessary information about the life of society is acquired, you set your life;
  • “Orientation” phase is characterized by the fact that the immigrant begins to understand the political, economic and bureaucratic structure of the country, to accrete with social connections.
  • Then the depressive phase comes, during which the negative experiences that person had got at a new place are understood. Of course, the degree of experience depends on many factors (from the living conditions to stress), but as a rule, all immigrants comes through this stage.
  • Depression is generally replaced by optimism and the rise of mental strength. Striving for active life, the motivation to work and search for friends appears.

The duration and complexity of each stage is purely personal matter. However, many experts point out that the examples of 100% of the adult married Russian girl adaptation rates are there. After the first five years, the meaning of “we” and “they” changes as “they” now relates to the country you left. After 10 years, people usually reach the status that they had at home.

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