Form your relationship with a Russian woman correctly

Form your relationship with a Russian woman correctly

Can a man conquer a heart of a Russian woman with the presents?

Ladies from all over the world love presents. But bringing presents to a woman till you are married is a sensitive issue in Slavic world. Generally, in the Slavic culture presents are welcome. Nevertheless, do not propose you potential partner abundance of them. Make your gifts with sincere soul.

Suitable everyday gifts you can present to a Russian woman

  • Russian women love, when a man is attentive. The very basic symbolic gift you have to bring for your dates with a Russian lady is a bouquet of flowers.
  • Bringing flowers in Slavic culture is a sign of attention as well as of politeness. When you get married to a Russian lady, you have to bring it to the females of your bride’s family. Never forget to take a bouquet of roses for birthdays, 8th March.
  • Remember about the fact that Russian people pay attention to the number of flowers in a bouquet. It has to be composed of an even number of flowers, if you bring it to funerals or to other sad events. This quantity symbolizes tragedy. On contrary, you have to bring an odd number of flowers, if you want to congratulate someone with birthday or on any other happy occasion.
  • As every attentive husband, you are more than welcome to bring flowers to your partner as frequently as you can.
  • For some days during the week prepare small surprises to your lady. It can be a romantic picture or something she needs. Be creative and in your everyday life show that you care.

When it is correct to present valuable things to a Russian lady

  • Avoid bringing to many presents to your wife until you get married. Remember, your union has, first of all, to be formed on the basis of love. Feel the extent to which you can offer your potential wife expensive presents.
  • In Russia guests and close relatives are expected to bring valuable gifts for marriage. Following Russian traditions, they symbolize the start of the new joint life.
  • For the wedding you also have to make a present to your wife. This one has to have financial value. It somehow shows how you will care about your lady in the future.
  • Staring from the day you get married, you are welcome to make different types of presents to your wife. In Slavic culture an extent to which a man takes care about prosperity of his lady, reflects how reliable he is.
  • When you visit the relatives of your wife, always bring presents. Russians like to receive it. Be especially attentive to the parents of your wife. Slavic women value the relationships with their parents much. Therefore, you have to make them love and appreciate you.

We will gladly help you to overcome any social, cultural, psychological difficulty you can have when you start to meet with a Russian woman. Rely on us on your way to creating a solid and a happy family!

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