Russian Women and Russian Brides: So What’s Their Take on Sports?

Every Russian Female is Distinct

If you have signed up for an International dating site and you’ve taken the time to look at some of the lady single advertisements, you’ll notice a number of theses profiles have something in common.  First and foremost, the profiles are of absolutely beautiful Russian women who are, for the most part, hopeful and eager to be Russian brides!  These profiles of real women are posted by some of very pretty women indeed, and 60 percent of them are college graduates so they are smart too.  On the profiles you will see everything you want to know about these lovely ladies – where they are from and their likes and dislikes…and yes, many of these Russian females that you can find and meet online are not only hoping to become a bride, they like sports too – this makes them perfect for the sports enthusiast!

Every woman who puts a profile online is different. Keep in mind that just as there are many females who like sports, there are just as many that do not.  If you don’t see it on a woman’s profile, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like sports, but she may have forgotten to list some sports as her preference.  When you strike up a conversation with women, it never hurts to ask.  Some of the sports Russian females like include badminton, swimming, fencing, boxing, basketball, and tennis, just to name a few.  The majority of such sports have female players in them as well.

Spectator or Not?

If she doesn’t like sports or she’s just not into any kind of games, that should be the be all or end all of the conversation.  You can still have a great time with someone who lacks an appreciation for sports. If she is open to it, you can teach her how to appreciate and understand specific games. If she expresses a willingness to learn, then have at it.  If she seems likes she is dreading the thought and only doing it to please you, then let the issue go and move on to something else. If you ever get together in the future, say being engaged or you enter into marriage, and Super Bowl Sunday rolls around, you can both have a great time – you can enjoy the game, and she can enjoy the party and get together on the special day!

Of course, there is another alternative you can turn to as well… Your Russian lady may very well enjoy being on the sidelines so to speak. If she doesn’t like participating in the sports, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like being a spectator – some people enjoy watching others play the game while they kick back in the stands and watch. There are plenty of games that are enjoyable just from watching them. Some great spectator sports include:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Triathlons
  • Races
  • And more!

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