Should You Be Embarrassed about Dating Russian Females?

Do You Need to Keep Your Dating with Russian Woman Secret?

Why is it that Western men are so eager to find the lovely Russian ladies for dating and potential marriage? Even better, why are these same males willing to pursue these women online and chat and talk with them, but then to discuss such a relationship with another, it’s as if they were talking about dirty Russian brides? Why are Western males often so embarrassed to make mention that they have met someone online from another country and that person piques his interest romantically? It seems like a pretty straightforward series of questions, but the answers are rather complex. Let’s take a look at why the notion of dating a Russian female has become somewhat tarnished over the course of time.

Let’s face it, everyone has some secrets, some small and some large. Everybody has a public and private self and sometimes those two selves are very much different from one another. We may keep certain things from some friends while we tell others. On the same token, our secrets should not shape whether or not we are deserving of love on a level, and if you’re friends and family love and respect you they need to respect whatever decisions you make in regard to your dating life and who you choose to become emotionally intimate with. Despite the adult right to make their own decisions with their romantic life, some men feel the burdening weight of an unnecessary shame which is triggered by the stereotypical understanding of what is for a woman to be a Russian mail order bride.

The Stereo Type of the Russian Bride

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Russian mail order brides were a common phenomena where women were willing to marry men living in the West in order to start a family. The practice was not frowned upon and women were willing to leave Russia to live in America. Somewhere during the 20th and 21st century issues arose with mail order brides who are being abused and so laws were enacted to better protect Russian women interested in marrying foreigners.

The laws in fact made it more difficult for Westerners to meet Russian females interested in marriage because there’s a lot of paperwork to go through. The Russian bride has become a stereotype of a gold digger, someone who’s looking to escape the confines of Russia and someone who wants to take a Westerner for everything he has -this is not the case whatsoever – as many Russian women really want to meet men from abroad, to eventually date and hopefully get married.

These negative connotations have been attached to Russian brides for many years now and it leaves Western males longing to be with Russian females but afraid to admit it. And while it’s not illegal to keep a secret, if one’s family finds out after the fact, once the relationship grows into something more serious, friends and family members may feel as if they have been shunned. It’s far better to be truthful and in sharing the truth with family members the Western mail can also share facts about Russian females and their legitimate interest in Western man.

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