Divorced Russian Women and the Divorce Rate in Russia

Divorced Russian Women and the Divorce Rate in Russia

The Abysmal Statistics of Russian Women Divorces

It is unfortunate but true that when it comes to divorced Russian women, they are faced with the highest divorce rate in the entire world. There are myriad reasons behind the divorces that occur. Many of the Russian divorced women, after ending a relationship, look to establish a new relationship by using online websites. The divorced female is looking for a Westerner, who is a far cry different from the traditional Russian man.

A decade ago one out of every three marriages resulted in the divorce in Russia. In the year 2012, records show that nearly 1,200,000 individuals got married while 650,000 couples were divorced. The United Nations also concludes that Russia is a nation with the highest divorce rate in the entire world. Interestingly enough, the people of Russia and sociologists disagree on the causes for such divorces. Sociologists suggest that many of the marriages resulted in divorce because there are crowded living conditions, financial problems, or there is alcoholism within the marriage. Sometimes, all three of those issues can be in one situation. In contrast, according to a public opinion poll taken and involving as many as 130 Russian towns, 3% of the citizens of the nation suggested that cramped housing was responsible for divorce rates while 21% of divorces were due to a couples inability to compromise with one another, and another 24% of divorces were due to infidelity.

The Reason Divorced Women Look for American Men

The reason why females are interested in the American males is primarily due to the fact that the female is seeking financial stability, someone who will care for her, and someone who will not impose the issues upon her that she’s already been through with her first husband. The only person who may have a problem reentering the workforce immediately is the female has been home for a number years raising children, but she too is trainable. Whereas Russian men tend to remarry relatively quickly, the Russian female may take her time looking for the right individual as she will want to protect yourself emotionally. If the female still has children in the household, it is not uncommon for the biological father to sometimes neglect their education and their financial responsibilities toward the children.

The relationship between children and the father is commonly strained in Russian society if a divorce occurs. Nearly 45% of their fathers continue to see the children following a divorce. But between five and 10 years following the initial divorce that percentage drops by nearly 13% meaning 31.9% of males in touch with their children and after a decade again this drops down to 24.5%. Some fathers never see the children again, and this consists of about 12% of all males who were married. Some 17% of males never see their children after 10 years. As many as 70% of all divorces are bitter. This has the Russian female looking for a father figure for her children

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