Nobody is surprised nowadays that people use dating sites to find their partner. That is the 21st century, and we are used to the Internet capturing our lives. The question is, ‘Why shouldn’t we try communicating via the Net if it is easy and convenient?

Nevertheless, some people are becoming more and more aware and cautious, for the Internet may fool you. Great opportunities of the Internet and great danger of being deceived are two sides of the same coin. Thus, here are the top five myths and facts about Ukrainian mail order brides.

Most attractive women in the world

All Ukrainian women are believed to be the beauty queens. Men from European countries always say something like, ‘I felt as if I were at the beauty contest’ or ‘How is it possible that every girl and woman is so attractive?’ We may not say that these men were fooled. However, the fact is that the places where they saw such ladies were most probably the city center, or the malls, or some restaurants.

That is to say, these are the places where women in Ukraine will never go bad-dressed, because it is a public place. Furthermore, they might meet their acquaintances, and it is inappropriate to look bad. That is why no matter where women go, they always put on make-up and try to look decent. Finally, we may say this myth is more of a fact than fiction, because the main quality of females in Ukraine is natural beauty, thus making them always look pretty.

Career opportunities are not important

Another myth well spread on the Internet is that the majority of Ukrainian women do not care about career prospects. They are considered those who are only looking for a husband to marry and become a housewife. As the saying goes, so many men so many minds. We may dare to paraphrase it into ‘So many women in Ukraine, so many minds’. The reason is that as in any country, Ukrainian women are different.

Some chase after success. Others dedicate themselves to the family only. And there are those who find a happy medium while both working and being a good mother and a wife. The reality is that it is not disgraceful for a woman to work and earn for a living. However, if it comes to the priorities in her life, family will occupy the first place.

A man should eat, eat and eat

If we continue analyzing typical myths existing about Ukrainian women, we cannot but mention the myth that the Ukrainian bride will make you eat a lot. That is why any married man in Ukraine is overweight. In fact, traditional dishes in Ukraine are quite heavy.

The reason is that the majority of the year is quite cold, and the body needs good nutrition. What is more, it is common to eat at home rather than eat out. Both Ukrainian women and men like homemade food, for it is healthier and the prices at the restaurants are quite high for people who earn minimum wages.

However, it is not true that somebody will be made to eat a lot. You can eat as much as you want. Still, once you taste some delicious Ukrainian dumplings or Chicken Kiev, it is difficult to stop eating.

Housewives are not educated

There is a belief that if a woman is a housewife, she is not well-educated. If she were, she would get a job. We would argue with such an idea for two reasons. The first one is that the level of women’s education does not depend on whether they work or not.

The second reason is that statistically Ukrainian women get higher education more often than men do. What is more, whether a mail order bride in Ukraine is a businesswoman, a teacher, a doctor, or a housewife, she will be well-educated. It is just the fact that every family in this country values education, no matter how wealthy they are.

Be careful of gold diggers

The last myth about mail order brides from Ukraine is that many of them are gold diggers. We may say that there are bad people and good people in any part of the world. You should be careful sometimes, because there are some bad people in Ukraine too. However, such people are just exception to the rule.

The majority of women who become mail order brides are just looking for the love of their life. It happens quite often that these ladies are disappointed in Ukrainian men, who sometimes take their women for granted. That is why these women believe that they will find their partner via Internet.

As it turns out, many of those myths still remain myths, and the reality differs a lot. As we know, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’, and we may say ‘Don’t judge people by stereotypes and myths’.