Belarus is situated in the heart of East and West Slavs’ countries and is considered a distant mystery for many European nationalities. A common person knows hardly anything about culture and traditions of this country, usually equating Belarusians with Russians. However, these people are different.

The languages, the customs, the traditional costumes and the food are not the same in those countries. Thus, let us shed some light on the peculiar personality traits that women from Belarus have, helping you to understand this nationality better.

Influenced by some historical, cultural and social factors, Belarusian women developed several typical positive and negative character traits. Good qualities that these women have are the following.


Women from Belarus are very kind-hearted. What is more, this kindness is sincere. The reason is that Belarusians, being oppressed historically, know how it is important to help each other. Furthermore, a wife knows when and how to say some kind words to support her husband in any difficult situation.


Laziness has nothing to do with women of this country. You will never see a Belarusian woman idling. She always has something to do, whether it is her job, she helps her family, does household chores, or spends time with her husband.


Another personality trait to mention is cleverness. Slavic women believe that a real lady should know how to carry a conversation on various topics. In fact, Belarusian mail order brides are not the exception. That is why men have pleasure communicating with them.


It is just a tradition that may seem strange to other cultures. However, that is what people from Belarus are. If you accidentally drop in on your friend in Belarus, you will not be able to avoid at least drinking a cup of tea with some pastry.


A man will never sit quietly in awkward silence if a Belarusian woman accompanies him. These women are good interlocutors. What is more, they are quite easy-going, thus making a conversation flow at ease. When you are communicating with a mail order bride from Belarus, you feel as if you have known this woman for years.
However, Belarusian women have one personality characteristic that is considered a bit negative:


Probably, it has not only to do with women in Belarus, but men as well. Sometimes, these innocent ladies may suffer from being naïve and trusting people too much. However, if a man is a decent and nice person, it is his task to protect this gullible female from being hurt and deceived.

The mindset that Belarusian mail order brides have was also influenced by many historical, cultural and social aspects. These factors lead to the following outlook on life that Belarusian women have:

  • Women from Belarus stay calm in difficult situations;
  • They are quite conservative in the relation to family matters and gender roles in society;
  • They believe that to get something a person should be determined and hard-working;
  • Belarusian women are patriotic, they love their country and traditions;
  • They never run into extremities, they know how to find a happy medium in everything.
  • Women from this country have a good sense of humor (it is the hard life that made them take everything easy).

All in all, any nationality has its own peculiarities that make it different from others, and Belarus is not an exception. Belarusian women differ from other women in the world by staying calm and being determined, still not forgetting about kindness and sincerity.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to find out something about any culture, not being deceived by some stereotypes. That is why this little overview of mail order brides from Belarus will be of help for men looking for their significant others.