Advices to Russian brides starting the online communication

Advices to Russian brides starting the online communication

Eventually there are a lot of advices to give, but only some of them are really good ones. First of all it is important to determine the reason why you want to leave abroad, if you will be firm in your decision to do so, than all the obstacles would be overcome.

It is a must to respond to all men in the correspondence the truth, there is no point in hiding anything, only in this case you can count on sincerity from the opposite side. There is no point to get upset, if for example, you said the real reason of your break with first husband and the man didn’t like it, so he decided to stop correspondence with you.

So it’s just not your man, and you should be thankful for getting to know that earlier than later. A lot of men after getting to know e reasons of the divorce of their soul mate refuse communicating with her any longer, and it is not the right thing to do, as it shows to their women how they will act if the situation will get really difficult. It is good hoping to meet the perfect man, but at the same time it is better to be witty sometimes in order to keep some intimate things about yourself only for you. There is no point in revealing everything towards people.

It is not important how much money your man earns now, you need to look deeper, to see his potential and his education, I advice to stop the correspondence with the man who wrote something like “how you are doing?” Or “wow you are so pretty; here I send you a lot of kisses”. This kind of man cannot be serious at all, because if you will answer him, good thank you very much and what about you, he will keep writing some not serious “crap” that will lead you to nothing serious in the first place, and in the second place he will become a serious waste of time.

The other important thing is not to look how many children your man has, if looking for a man who doesn’t have children at all, you might waste your chance of finding your happiness, as for example in the majority of families the child stays with his mother, that is why there is no point in worrying about it. Of course your attitude matters as well, because if you are looking at the child like at some sort of problem, than eventually the child will not welcome you either.

Also it is important to ask a lot of questions to man, and to look on his reaction while he replies those letters, if he is not answering some questions, than there is a point to ask them ones again, and if he is not answering them again, pretends that he doesn’t see them, than there is a serious point to reconsider the situation and the whole communication with this man, as he is obviously hiding some “skeletons in the closet”, and eventually the more he is hiding, the bigger will be the shock after finding out the truth.

The first meeting eventually should be held in the native city of the Russian bride, because this way man is showing his respect towards the lady, and is not putting her into some strict circumstances in which she will have to suffer in a foreign country and city, in the case if they will not like each other in person during the first meeting.

Another very important advice, after the first few meetings when the relationship has already started, but both of people in it are somewhere abroad till they finish dealing with documentation, in order to keep the relationship vivid it is needed to be patient and not allow all the day to day stresses or sadness because you two are not together yet ruining all the great things that you were able to built with each other, everything in such a relationship is possible only in the case if two people are working on it, no one ever said that it is going to be easy, but it will be worthy.

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