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Hello, my name is Anna, I’m from Moscow.
I and my team are trying to connect girls from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with a man from abroad. We write articles and advice for a person from abroad and want to be as useful as possible. We write useful articles from personal experience. We will be very happy to hear your feedback: Contact us  or write us: info@easteubrides.com

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Most tips are written based on real life situations.

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  • Best advice for how to behave with Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian girls
  • Instructions on how to find good Slavic wife in Eastern Europe
  • Lot of information about the culture and customs of your future bride
  • We publish only the most useful tips and always updated information on our website so you can quickly and easily find a beautiful Russian bride.

Connecting hearts and creating new families – what can be better? Making possible for people from different parts of the world to find each other and supporting real international love – that are the main purposes of our marriage agency. You can wonder why there are so many dating services created nowadays. Best Brides Online Agency will tell you why. In the time of economic crisis, no one knows what will be demanded tomorrow. Financial empires get ruined, our entire world is collapsing. But the demands of love are not reducing. People need to find their second halves. We are paying our efforts to make easier for people to stay together. Now it is very important for our world to stay united. We must clear the borders and differences between nations and races. And we need to unite Russian and American peoples – two most powerful nations nowadays. The mutual acquaintance with cultures and ways of lives can show that we are the same people. It can help us make the world more peaceful.


Developing of new technologies makes our life much easier and comfortable. Even in so traditional fields as love dating and marriage. Now you can just open your web browser and know everything you want about the woman from another part of the world. Every day we are trying to develop our Best Brides Online Agency order to have more marketability in such field of activity as dating service.For most Russian brides it is a chance to get in touch with really good life. Girls and women from Russia find marriage agencies and dating services to escape from all the problems that are waiting for them when they are living in Russia. Men from the USA and Western Europe and brides from Russia and Eastern Europe are very different. But if we trace back to physics we can find the thesis that opposites attract. So why not to try? That beautiful, faithful, loyal, smart and incredible girls are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Men from all over the world share their experience. You can ask them your questions, read different stories, get to know all the niceties and specialties of the marrying process. Everything is in your hands. Including your happiness. And you have all opportunities to find your beautiful Russian bride. You must have read a lot of articles about benefits from marrying Russian women. And they are true. Russian brides are unique. And you have a chance to marry one. Imagine how much men from the past are jealous of your opportunities. Many of them would do everything to have an opportunity to date Russian bride. Are you married to Russian woman? Are you dating Russian bride? Have you already started looking for a beautiful woman from Russia? No? Stop wasting your time. Start building your happiness right now. And our marriage agency Best Brides Online Agency will pay all the efforts and do our best for that process to be as simple as possible.