A Few Answers: Why the Russian Lady is Looking for the Western Male

A Few Answers: Why the Russian Lady is Looking for the Western Male

It is an all too common question: Why would a woman from Russia want to up and leave everything she knows, everything she is familiar with, and her friends as well as her family just to marry a man from the West? Why do Russian women consider stepping way beyond their personal comfort zone and look to move to an entirely different country with different customs, traditions, and social norms? It is hard to believe that so many women are willing to pack up their belongings and ship them halfway across the globe just to be with a man.

The answers are as different and varied as the women who make the decision to begin dating men from the West in hopes of finding “Mr. Right? Russian women all have unique personalities, desires, wants, and it is the women’s desires that ultimately drive the decision to seek out the Western male for engaging in a relationship that might blossom into a full-fledged marriage.

Populace issues: In a survey conducted in 2008 it was revealed that the ratio of men to women in Russia is right around 88 men to every 100 females. That means there is a significant gap between the number of men and women: As much as 12 percent. With a shortage of men and a lot more women seeking a good man for marriage, Russian females are more than happy to seek men outside of the country’s boundaries.

Family-Building Desires: The Russian lady is well educated and she enters into the workforce at the age of 24. These same women want to meet and find a real man who is interested in settling down and having children. The lady single is more than happy to go online to seek out Westerners who are ready for a genuine relationship.

A Few More Reasons for the Appeal of the Western Male

Youthful Bride: The Russian female may feel the pressure to marry young because it is often the cultural norm in her country of origin. That being the case, feeling cultural pressure coupled with the desire to eventually marry, the female will begin dating Westerners in the hopes of meeting a successful lifelong mate.

Better Life: Beautiful and pretty women from Russia are seeking a happy life and moving to America is something they dream of doing. America means, for some Russian females, greater freedoms, new experiences, and a place of adventure. Some females are excited about learning the language, the cultural norms, the traditions, and raising children in America.

Small Towns: For a Russian girl growing up in a small town might be quaint but it will eventually limit her circle of friends. By seeking out the Western male, the Russian female is breaking free from her imposed confines in hopes of developing a loving relationship, making new friends, and expanding one’s horizons.

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