Russian Women & Compatible Men: Russian Brides and Their Gentlemen

A Bit About Russian Women and Expectations

Long before those romantic sparks fly and there is any kind of chemistry between you and your future Russian bride, you have to get her to like you. In order to do that you are going to have to turn up the charm. Keep in mind that you have to be genuine as you attempt to sweep your Russian lady off her feet – Russian women are quick as a whip and they know exactly when they are being conned and when they are seeing the real thing. If you are sweet, charming, and you act like a gentlemen, you will soon be talking romance and hopefully marriage with your beautiful Russian female!

A Russian lady is very clear on what she wants and she will not settle for less: When she is ready to find a Western male for a relationship, she will make the first move by posting a lady single profile online. Do not make the mistake in believing that today’s Russian brides will settle for whatever they can get. The truth is these pretty women are smart enough and attractive enough to get any Western man they desire. To that end, a female from Russia signs up for international dating sites because she has the intention of seeking out a potential husband: She wants to find and meet a man online so she can be one of many Russian Brides! She is looking for someone who is ready to settle down, be serious, and have a family. She wants a male who will act as a provider, and she is ready to provide him with a happy home.

Gentlemen-Like Behaviors She’s Sure to Appreciate

There are many gentlemen-like behaviors you can perform to convince your beloved beauty that you really care for her. Here are some things you can do to draw her attention:

Give her a drama-free experience: Don’t leave her wondering when you are going to connect or call. Let her know you care and do it frequently. Keep it low key though – giving her too much attention can make you look obsessive.

Don’t pressure her at any time during the relationship:  Emotional pressure or guilt trips are the bane of any relationship. Don’t try to pressure her to make fast decisions about your relationship or relocating – she may pull back from you as she caves under the pressure. She might completely disconnect if the pressure is too excessive or continuous with every contact too.

Respect her feelings: When she communicates with you, either read what she writes in its entirety or listen to what she has to say (don’t interrupt or think about how you are going to respond to her when she is finished speaking) just listen and absorb what she is telling you. Make full eye contact (if possible) when speaking and listening. If you are talking on the phone periodically let her know you are listening by agreeing or disagreeing with what she is saying. Let her know when she speaks, it is important to you.

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