There are 3 main types of women in Russia. It may seem offensive, but this type of classification was provided for the only purpose to make it easier for a foreigner to choose among the thousands of women and make one a bit more acquainted with the best approach to treat Russian women.

City girls. City femaless are urbanized modern women being employed, beautiful and successful. Those also could be not employed while studying at college or university. City ladies are always looking good, there is no chance you will see one in the same clothes two days along. In order to impress the city woman, you have to be successful as well, and also it is better to be an interesting person. The more experience you have, the more common subjects you will share with that Russian beauty.

Country girls. Those are more heartwarming and homish. The best way to make a conquest of a country beauty is to provide her with a tremendous romantic experience and showing an interest to marry her. Do not forget, that country beautys are very caring and they are the masters of Russian cuisine as well.

Glamour girls. It is rather hard to make a glamour beauty fall in love with you. First of all, consider the fact that glamour women are experienced and almost sick of men’s attention. They get different kinds of invitations every day and the best way to impress one is to be original and unpredictable. Offering a unique trip to the exotic country is one of the ways to surprise such a woman.

How to Deal with Russian Glamour Girls?

First of all, consider that although glamour women are gathering a high rate of attention they are still ladies. Flowers, compliments, presents and romantic attitude are still being powerful tools to make such a woman fall in love with you. The difference is you have to lead more active life to be happy with a glamour woman. She knows she is beautiful and she spent a vast to remain the same gorgeous person, so it is essential for her ego to show up and get outside the house as often as possible.

Inviting such a beauty to the party is a good way to make her pleased. Just do not forget that being together with such a woman means you are obligated to correspond her. This is about your clothes and external appearance. Just imagine what an attitude will there be if you come along with a beautiful girl in an outdated shirt. It will make her feel uncomfortable, even she won’t tell you about that. So you should bring some efforts, too. There is no much to be done – just put on the best clothes and make sure you look nice.

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