Tips for Men Over 50 Dating Russian Women

What do people like Larry King, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Nelson Mandela, William Shatner, Alec Baldwin, and Kelsey Grammer all have in common?  Every single one of them is famous, yes, and every single one of them married a younger woman.  For men who are 50 seeking a younger female, there are plenty of real Russian women who make some seriously hopeful Russian brides.  Guess what, you can get online and not only find a Russian lady, you can eventually meet her and marry her too.  International dating sites make it possible for people to engage in dating and enter into marriage when the relationship reaches that point.  If you do decide to pursue the beautiful and pretty lady singles online, here are some tips so you can keep your encounters positive and engaging.

Keeping the Dating Fresh with Women

  1. Rule number 1: Refrain from being an absolute droll bore.  The age gap between the two of you is likely to have you in a position where you both have very different interests.  If you are going to have a go at this relationship, you need to be positive and flexible – this means you need to embrace some of the things she likes doing whether you really want to or not.  When you do it, just think to yourself, you are doing it in the name of love.
  2. Rule number 2: Refrain from telling the long stories about how you walked 18 miles to school one day in a snowstorm – uphill – both ways (And no, that’s not a typo).  Nobody wants to sit around and listen to the saga and the long drawn out and highly embellished, dramatic retelling of the good old days.  Russian women are about the here and now.  Remain in the moment.  Think fun, engaging, and entertaining.  Keep your mind in the now and off those dark and stormy walks to school oh so long ago.

Keeping Up with the Times

Rule #3: Don’t be condescending – do away with the no it all within.  Just because you are older and more experienced in life and just because you are more accustomed to the American culture, it doesn’t give you genius status so you  are in no position to lecture your ladylove.  She won’t like it. You are her equal, not her father so don’t don on the daddy attitude. Besides, think of it like this – if she sees you as a father figure rather than a mate, how sexy do you think you are now? Yes, condescending tone is out.  Remain polite, and if it is possible to share information without talking down to your Russian girl, then by all means, convey what it is you have to say.  Just do it politely and with as little lecturing as feasibly possible.